Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Space...The Final Romance Frontier

Every once in awhile I like to stop and re-evaluate what I'm writing, and why.

Space...The Final Romance Frontier.

*gives nod to Star Trek intro for the "borrow"*

That about sums it up, and isn't it the truth? Romance has sub-genres for historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal. But space...that truly is the final romance frontier. It suggests a genre that's forward-looking (though not necessarily the future). It covers a lot of ground. Even Earth is part of space, after all.

Space...The Final Romance Frontier.

(Can you tell I like the sound of that?)

Science Fiction Romance gives me the opportunity to create new worlds, new cultures, new traditions, taboos, and technology. It's such a wonderful, creative place to be as a writer. Skiffy Rommers can venture into areas of straight SciFi, military, apocalyptic, FoAP (my pet acronym for Fantasy on Another Planet ala DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN), near future or alien romance. For a small little niche subgenre, the ideas and territory it can cover are endless.

Does anyone recall that tiny little galaxy in Men in Black that the cat, Orion, wore on his "belt" (collar)? The one the bad guy zombie alien wanted soooo badly? Remember the Tommy Lee line that went something like, "Just because a galaxy is very small doesn't mean it's not important."

Yeah, that sums up my feelings of SFR; it's a miniature little subgenre with a whole galaxy of potential.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more, Laurie! As a fan, I love the new worlds I can explore by simply picking up a book or sinking into the dark of a theater. As a writer I love the freedom to create those worlds and the creatures that inhabit them, then set my all-too-human lovers smack dab in the middle of it all. Not much better fun to be had in this lifetime!

  2. I so agree. An advantage of being a writer is that we come with our own built-in entertainment system. At least, I know I'm wired that way.

    Waiting out a long line at the doctor's office, a traffic jam, a delayed flight? No problemo. I just start working a plot and tune into my "head movies." The time passes in a flash.


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