Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Creature Feature

To continue our 13 Days of Halloween spook fest, I've compiled a special photo gallery of "Things That Make Me Go Eeeeeeek!" 

For your entertainment(?), here's a collection of some of the creepiest, weirdest or just plain What the--? images I've come across on the internet.

Can you say Arachniphobia?

...and is there such a thing as Cobraphobia?  *cringes*

Scaredy Cat

Umm.  Gives new meaning to: "What's wrong with this picture?"

It's been thirty years and he (she/it) still scares the bejeeters outta me!

Defintely not a creature I'd want to meet on a dark, er...lake bottom.

Thanks for stopping by, y'hear?  See you *mwahahaaa*...very soon.

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