Monday, October 12, 2009

P2PC Wins Utah RWA Heart of the West Contest

Saturday, the Utah RWA chapter announced the winners of the Heart of the West (HOW) Contest during a conference in Park City, Utah. Although I wasn't able to attend, Utah RWA had the results posted on their web site within hours, and I was delighted to see P2PC had been named the first place winner in the Paranormal category! Even more exciting, the judge for the finals was Heather Osborn of Tor/Forge!

This is my first win in an RWA chapter sponsored contest, and it follows on the heels of a win in the SouthWest Writers Contest (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal category) three weeks ago. Yeah, it's been a great fall!

Thank you Utah RWA, contest coordinators and judges for a wonderful contest.


  1. How awesome! Congratulations for a well-deserved win.

  2. I knew it would blow them away.
    Great things in this story's future.

  3. Congratulations Luarie, I am so pleased for you.

  4. Thank you, everyone. I'm happy as heck, of course, but also glad a SFR is getting this kind of recognition. It's very encouraging for our subgenre. :)

  5. Congrats, Laurie!! Can't wait to see this story in print!

  6. Well done, Laurie. I know how down you'd been and how you listened to janet evanovich's story about how she was on the point of giving up when suddenly her life changed - I hope that is this point for you!! Congratulations!!!!

  7. Congratulations!! Best of luck with that Tor submission! I wish we had a good regional contest, but the only one we had folded last year. :(

  8. Thanks again, my fabulous co-bloggers. :)

    Barbara, you got it. Janet Evanovich's speech has really stuck with me, but so has your meteoric success. Also, I believe the advice someone once gave me: If you want to be successful, associate with successful people. I've got some of the most talented and successful writers I know in my circle. :)

    Tia!! Thank you so much. So good to see you here. Hope all is going well with you, your blog and your writing.

    Tia funs a fabulous blog called Fantasy Debut, where she posts reviews and info on debut novels. I've gotten so many great book recommendations from her blog. Check it out here:

  9. Uh...that was supposed to be Tia "runs" of course. Wish these comments had an edit feature. :/


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