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Four Visions, Four Voices: Donna S. Frelick

Donna S. Frelick is known for her Star Trek fanfic and long time interest in anything sci-fi.  Although currently unpublished in science fiction romance, she is the author of the exciting Interstellar Rescue series.

How would you classify your SFR? (Space opera, romantic SF, apocalyptic, military SFR, or other.)

Classic, humanist New Age SF paired with steamy adult romance and a dash of suspense. In my dreams, I’m Harlan Ellison’s DANGEROUS VISIONS anthology meets Christine Feehan’s Drake sisters. Or J.J. Abrams meets Linda Howard. My manuscript UNCHAINED MEMORY is largely set on Earth, with interference from beyond our solar system. The second and third books in the INTERSTELLAR RESCUE series will gradually take the reader further out into the galaxy.

What makes your story "different" or what unique elements would entertain readers?

What? The answer to the first question wasn’t “different” enough? Well, all right, let me twist the question slightly to explain instead what makes my story SPECIAL, and I’d have to say my characters. The characters in UNCHAINED MEMORY don’t have superpowers (or green skin or pointy ears). Like Stephen King’s small-town sheriffs and struggling writers, they are just ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. They are wounded people who find healing in each other. But if you don’t end up loving Ethan and Asia as much as I do, then I haven’t done my job as a writer.

Do you have a favorite line from your novel that you can share?

“Ethan stopped and shook his head. ‘I can’t justify doping you up with powerful drugs to rid you of your delusions. And yet I can’t explain what you’ve told me.’ He paused again, at a loss for words. At last he gave me the faintest of smiles. ‘I guess that means we’re both crazy.’
I’m not sure, but I think that’s the moment I began to fall in love with Ethan Roberts.”

Anything else you'd like to tell us about your work?

UNCHAINED MEMORY is the first book in my planned INTERSTELLAR RESCUE series about the men and women, lovers and friends, human and otherwise, engaged in a galaxy-wide battle against the slave-trading aliens known here on Earth as the Grays. As the series progresses, the stories take place further and further from “home” and take on more of a “space opera” feel. It’s my hope that I’ll snare a shipload of newbie SFR fans with the more familiar feel of UM who’ll be willing to ride along with me as we hit impulse power with TROUBLE IN MIND (half Earth-based kidnapping thriller/half galactic power grab) and warp drive with RUNAWAY(pure pirate-romance-in-space fun).

Could you give us a sneak peak of the story?

A hand touched her face, brushed the hair from her forehead. Rough fingers, trembling, warm. A voice. A man. Very close.

“Hey. You’ve had a tough time, little girl, but you’re almost home. We’ll have you back to your family soon, and you won’t even know you’ve been gone.”

“Two minutes to jump, Captain.”

“Thanks, Lieutenant, I’ll be right there.”

“You know she can’t hear you, Sam. And I’ve never seen you take this kind of interest in the cargo before. What’s the story?”

“First of all, they aren’t cargo. You of all people should know that, Doc. Besides, this one is special. Rayna gave up a lot to get this one out. I’m gonna make sure she gets back home if I have to set her down in her living room myself.”

Another touch. “Just a few minutes more, Sphinx. I’ll get you there, I promise.”

“Captain Murphy?”

“Coming. Time?”

“Jay minus thirty.”

The voices grew fainter and finally disappeared altogether. There was nothing but the hum for an unknown time. She drifted again, until she was suddenly aware of movement, lots of it, jostling and shaking and turning her body against the pull of gravity until she wasn’t certain just where that pull was coming from. She floated, weightless. Then she slammed heavily against the restraints that held her. There was no pain—there should be pain, she thought disjointedly—just that odd sensation of being jerked around by an unseen force.

She heard the shriek of alarms. A call, brassy and loud, booming from every direction: “Battlestations! This is not a drill! All hands to battlestations!”

Then voices, shouting, shrill. “What the hell is going on?”

“Gray corsair was waiting for us when we came out of the jump.” More jostling, throwing her abruptly against the restraints. “Shit! We’re taking a beating.”

“Get this sickbay ready for casualties, stat! What are you standing around for—you act like this is your first time in a fight, Korda!”

Closer, almost in her ear. “Sorry, hon. You’ll have to wait a little longer to get home.”

Thanks, Donna, for your insights and a glimpse into your Interstellar Rescue universe.  We'll be waiting for word of its sale!


  1. Having heard a little about this story at RWA nationals, it's fun to see an excerpt! This one has lots of great action, and makes me curious about the story behind it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank for sharing. I enjoyed your excerpt.

  3. Very cool, Donna. And I think it's funny that you and Sharon both have Murphy's.

  4. Great teaser! Strong, graphic storytelling that really pulled me in. How about giving us an early Christmas gift and share a little more. Enjoyed it!

  5. Sounds fascinating, Donna!!

  6. My pleasure, everyone! Thanks for the warm words. And, yes, though Captain Murphy has only a secondary role in UNCHAINED MEMORY, he eventually gets his own story in the third book of the series, RUNAWAY.


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