Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to be a More Active SFR Fan

Love Science Fiction Romance?  Want to do more as a fan, reader or writer to promote the subgenre and get the word out?  History in the publishing industry has shown that fan-based communities can make a difference in genre (and subgenre) popularity and marketability. 

Here are seven easy ways to help give the SFR community a larger voice.

1.  Join the discussions on a Science Fiction Romance Community.
Amazon Science Fiction Romance Community
The more active the SFR Community, the more people will hear about our favorite reads.  There are a lot of readers (and even industry professionals) out there who still aren't aware that, yes, Virginia, Science Fiction Romance does exist!

2. Tag your favorite SFR novels as SFR.
Find your favorite novels on Amazon, etc.  Scroll down to the "tags" section and click the box for science fiction romance and any other appropriate descriptions.  In fact, you can use all three of most used tags:  SFR, Science Fiction Romance, and Sci-Fi Romance.  Be sure to also check "paranormal romance" which is the umbrella category for SFR and a very active community on Amazon. You can even create your own tags.  How does this help?  It moves the novel up to a more prominent position in site searches.  Read more here.

3.  Write reviews on your favorite SFRs and rate them accordingly.  If you find a fantastic story among the stars, be sure to tell the world about it!

4.  Found a SFR you really love?  Tell ten people about why you thought it was such a stellar story.  Word of mouth is still one of the most effective book promotion methods out there.

5.  Join the Skiffy Rommer set at "SFR Central" (The Galaxy Express blog) for SFR-related news, links, discussion and all the latest buzz from peers and fellow enthusiasts.

6.  Post the SFR link list established during the current SFR Holiday Blitz on your blog to promote other web sites in the Skiffy Rommer universe so your readers can make the jump to lightspeed to catch the latest buzz.

7.  Comment on SFR-oriented blogs and posts.  Show the world (not to mention agents, editors and publishing houses) that the Skiffy Rommers are a dedicated and enthusiastic market.

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