Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Four Visions, Four Voices

Science Fiction Romance may be a niche subgenre, but there's a universe of possibility with plots, characters and situations.  During the week long SFR Holiday Blitz celebration, Spacefreighters Lounge will feature Four Visions, Four Voices--brief chats with writers and authors about what makes their SFR projects ( and two soon-to-debut novels) unique.

(In aphabetical order)

Sharon Lynn Fisher (will be posted on Friday)
On: Ghost Planet
2009 Golden Heart finalist SFR (paranormal category)

Donna S. Frelick (Wednesday)
On: Unchained Memory
Published author of Star Trek fanfic; Unpublished in SFR

Laurie Green (Thursday)
On: P2PC
Unpublished; Award winning SFR writer

D. L. Jackson (Tuesday)
On: Last Flight of the Ark
Soon to debut SLIPPING THE PAST and LAST FLIGHT OF THE ARK with Liquid Silver Books; Published author of erotica short stories

We hope you enjoy the series.

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