Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 in an Alternate Universe

Happy 2010!

Science Fiction Romance is all about imagination, creating fascinating new worlds--or new spins on them--and the cause-and-effect of "What if..."  For true Science Fiction Romance (the sort that has a basis in actual science) the concept of alternate universes is an intriguing premise.  The theory that every possible outcome of every event exists somewhere in some alternate reality can make for all sorts of interesting twists in life as we know it.

As we turn the calendar page to a brand new decade, I thought it might be fun to re-imagine how things might be in a universe where history was a little different than the one we're familiar with.

Here are just a few events that 2010 might ring-in in this brave new (fictional) universe:

The Challenger disaster disaster never happened and our space program never experienced a serious 32-month delay because of it.  New Mexico's Spaceport America was built in the 1990s and we now have a bonanza space-tourism industry with daily flights to resorts on the moon and in high Earth orbit. Commercial enterprises are doing feasibility studies on possible fly-by tours of Jupiter, Saturn and their many fascinating moons in a decade or two.  Interest in the venture skyrocketed on January 2, 2010 when the news broke that primitive aquatic life was discovered on Europa

George Lucas is president.  (Hey, I never claimed this universe was utopia.)

Steven Spielberg just wrapped production on his third--and final--motion picture in the last trilogy of Star Wars after buying the rights from George Lucas.  Meanwhile, generations of fans flock to the theatres on New Years Day to see the latest release of the legendary space epic.  Star Wars Episode VIII smashes previous box office records with its breakthrough cinematography technology that puts the fan in the center of eye-popping FXs, heart-pounding battle scenes and characters that are every bit as endearing as those in the original trilogy. 

In our alternate realm, Elvis is turning 75 on Friday.  He still has a high dollar production show in Vegas called Captain EP (co-produced by his son-in-law, Michael Jackson).

Tyrannosaurus Rex has just been declared an endangered species with a population of only a few hundred individuals still surviving in the Amazon basin.  Deforestation and depleting prey animal populations--not to mention the black market demand for T-rex incisors and leather--are threatening to take the species to the brink of extinction in the next few years.  Cattle owners in the area are opposed to measures to protect the large predator, claiming the roaming T-Rex are severely impacting their profits by consuming domestic cattle in place of their natural prey.  Their arguement is that the T-Rex is better suited to roaming museums than being allowed to free-range near agricultural areas.  Environmentalist are rallying to defend T-Rex's rights, manning illegal roadblocks outside the dinosaur preserves and brandishing signs declaring "Extinction is Forever." 

I now return you to your regularly scheduled universe.

Wishing you prosperity, happiness and every success for 2010!

[Please note that this post is only intended as an exercise in imagination and in no way is meant to dishonor the memories of those who have passed.]


  1. What a fun blog post! Especially had a chuckle regarding Elvis and MJ :)

    Wishing you all the best for 2010.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Angie. Glad you enjoyed the post. :)

    Happy 2010, and good luck with your writing endeavors.

  3. And in this new universe, Laurie converted the sucess she richly deserved into publishing success, sold millions, made millions and made sci fi romance THE genre to read.
    A very very happy New Year to you, my friend who has been there from the start for me with excellent advice, praise I'm sure I didn't deserve and belief that kept me going!
    You are already a star for me, Laurie. Thanks so much for all you have done. I wish 2010 brings you what you most wish for.

  4. Oh, I'd LOVE to see that universe, Barbara! :) Guess I'll have to keep working on making that my new reality. *grins*

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Your successes have been a huge inspiration for me, and for all your peers. Happy 2010. :)

  5. Is this the year that recruitment begins for the Mars colony? Or is that 2011? :-) Anyway sounds like a better AU to me than this one. Sign me up! Happy New Year, everybody!

  6. Happy New Year, Donna. Yeah, wouldn't it be great if we could write our own alternate universes? Oh wait, we already do that. And live in them, I mean.


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