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2010 TBRs

I'm "unofficially" affliliating myself with the TBR Challenge on the Avidbookreader blog.  My Leaning Tower of TBR is legendary, and I have high hopes (pun intended) to chip away at it during the coming year.  I don't post reviews on every book I read, just the standouts, so if you see a review here, you'll know it's a good read (at least IMHO).

Here are just a few of the books in my Leaning Tower of TBR(C).

1. The Last Colony (John Scalzi)
2. Close Encounters (Katherine Allred)
3. The Warlord's Daughter (Susan Grant)
4. An Accidental Goddess (Linnea Sinclair)
5. Atlantis Unleashed  (Alyssa Day)
6. Labor Day (Joyce Maynard)
7. Jupiter (Ben Bova)
8. Oceanspace (Allen Steele)
9. No Words Alone (Autamn Dawn)
10. Something About Polly (Barbara Elsborg)
11. Anna in the Middle  (Barbara Elsborg)
12. Born of Night (Sherilyn Kenyon)
13. Born of Ice (Sherilyn Kenyon)
14. Storm Front (Jim Butcher)
15. Star Wars: Champions of the Force (Kevin Anderson)
16. Insufficient Mating Material (Rowena Cherry)
17. Knight's Fork (Rowena Cherry)
16. Salvation in Death (J.D. Robb)
17. Before the Scandal (Suzanne Enoch)
18. Rescue Me (Christy Reece)
19. Duchess By Night (Eloisa James)
20. Spin (Robert Charles Wilson)
21. Command Decision (Elizabeth Moon)
22. Too Good to Be True (Kristan Higgins)
23. Black Ice (Anne Stuart)
24. Born of Fire (Sherilyn Kenyon)
25. More Than Robotics (Lynn Crain)
26. Doubleblind (Ann Aquirre)
27. Zoe's Tale (John Scalzi)
28. Too Hot for a Spy (Pearl Wolf)
29. Dragonfly: Mir
30. First Draft in 30 Days (Karen Wiesner)
31. Writing the Breakout Novel (Donald Maass)
32. How I Write (Janet Evanovich)
33. Techniques of a Selling Writer (Dwight Swain)

New Releases in 2010:
34. Doing the Right Thing (Barbara Elsborg)
35. Finding the Right One (Barbara Elsborg)
36. Digging Deeper (Barbara Elsborg)
37. Beyond the Shadows (Jess Granger)
38. Bewitched & Betrayed (Lisa Shearin)
39. Sureblood (Susan Grant)

Favorite Re-reads

40. Strangers (Barbara Elsborg)
41. Lucy in the Sky (Barbara Elsborg)
42. The Outback Stars (Sandra McDonald)

Anyone else care to share their list of 2010 TBRs?  Are you going to take the TBR Challenge?


  1. OOh you don't want my list, laurie. It will be like the leaning tower of Pisa - only taller!! I am taking home from the States with me - the lastest by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - oh how I love her writing. It will be rainy - miserable- when all else fails - treat. As will anything by Susan Enoch, Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Mary Baloch and Loretta Chase - all writers of regency romances - apart from Ms Phillips. When I need a good time read - that's what I go for.
    But when I need an exciting read - I go for sci fi or urban fantasy or romantic suspense. I've bought Kenyon's latest and look forward to that and I;ve also bought the new JR Ward - not the guys with the strange names series - Lover etc - and I REALLY want to read that.

    What I'll never buy again are any in the same line as the mountain of books in my closet. I won't say the publisher. I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot - but disapppointed would be a huge understatement. Poor plots, shallow characters and so so sex. I used to think I'd like to write for them but not now. I've read 30 and three were keepers.

    So I'm going to branch out a little this year and spread my wings to some new writers. I'll pick some off your list and give them a go!¬!


  2. Barbara, I highly--HIGHLY--enjoyed Scalzi's books, but I'm not sure they would be your thing. Try the first 50 pages of OLD MAN'S WAR and you'll know (and I know that will only take you about forty minutes, Ms. Speedreader Extraordinaire)

    Have you read any Ann Aguirre? If not, give her a try. They're dark SFR, but the phrasing and dialogue is witty and entertaining.

    I'm reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's BORN OF NIGHT now and I'm enjoying it. It's much more "my thing" than the Dark Hunter series, which didn't appeal to me. No huge surprise since I'm not really a fan of Shapeshifter or Demon Fantasy.

    Katherine Allred came highly recommended so I'm looking forward to reading hers.

    One author I failed to include on my list is Nathalie Gray. AGENT PROVACATEUR is one I have to read.

    And, of course we'll have a behind the scenes discussion on your closet of "did not likes." ;)

  3. I know I'd fail any challenge, since I cheat and constantly shuffle the pile depending on what looks good right now. Currently in the queue: Susan Grant's THE WARLORD'S DAUGHTER, Eloisa James DESPERATE DUCHESSES, Lara Adrian SHADES OF MIDNIGHT, Stieg Larsson THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (on a friend's recommendation), Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME, Janet Evanovich HOW I WRITE (still left from the conference, naughty me). I read the free Eloisa James we got at the con and was hooked, even though I'm not a Regency fan at all. She writes THE BEST dialogue anywhere!! I'm working my way through all her stuff now. I LOVE Susan Grant. How she missed winning the 2009 RITA for MOONSTRUCK, I'll never know. I just finished HOW TO LOSE AN ET IN 10 DAYS. I also just read the one that did win the 2009 RITA for Paranormal, SEDUCING MR. DARCY, by Gwen Cready, who will be judging a contest I just entered sponsored by the DC romance writers. Very funny, very "different". Probably deserves a thorough discussion in another venue.

  4. While I'm reading books left and right, I'm actually only going to commit to finishing one book: Kage Baker's IN THE GARDEN OF IDEN which has been on my hard drive for like a year!


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