Monday, January 18, 2010


By D. L. Jackson

Spacefreighters was pleased to announce the release of D. L. Jackson’s debut novel on January 11th. Since that time I’ve had a chance to read the novel in its entirety to offer a (mostly spoiler-free) review.

SLIPPING THE PAST is a Futuristic Romance that leans a bit toward the Urban Fantasy Romance end of the scale. Set in an imaginative and sometimes frightening future world, where Enforcers are the ultimate lawmen and –women, who are nicknamed “reapers” by the general public. Because their job is to take souls. The souls are placed in containment and used as a power source, and they are in such demand that once the prisons are cleaned out of convicts, the Enforcers start issuing warrants for people with past-life crimes so they can incarcerate their souls to ensure the supply continues.

Imagine being born with a death sentence for things you did in another lifetime? That’s the plight the heroine, Jocelyn, faces.  She's on the run along with her loyal brother, Nate, who tries to shelter and protect her from the monstrous reapers using wit and grit. For nine long years Jo managed to evade the foreboding Enforcers, but one day her past truly catches up with her.

The approach of the reaper had a wonderful edge to it. I could feel the surge of power surrounding him in advance of his arrival, all very visually detailed. But there’s a surprise in store for both the reaper and for Jocelyn when they meet. And as a result the reaper grants her a reprieve—one week--to gather the evidence she needs to prove her innocence.

SLIPPING THE PAST seamlessly transitions from present to past lives and unravels a complex tale of intrigue—and love—that spans the centuries. Much of the technology and weaponry is well drawn and imaginative, and D. L. Jackson’s knowledge of martial arts comes through in the detailed fight scenes. The villain is haunting and quite relentless as he pursues Jo for his own personal reasons. Though Nate seems little more than a sidekick at first, he has his own twist late in the story.

SLIPPING THE PAST is available as an e-book from Liquid Silver Books.


  1. I really enjoyed this story. With an imagination like this, Dawn will go from strength to strength I'm sure. Jocelyn is a heroine with a difference and is a feisty match to Gabriel.I am in awe of Dawn's ability to come up with such fascinating ideas.

  2. Thanks so much, Laurie. I hope everyone enjoys this urban fantasy/futuristic romance I created as much as I enjoyed writing it.
    And thanks to you Barbara, my peer and a fantastic writer herself, for the hours you put into this story giving me valuable feedback that helped me to bring it to life.
    I truly hope the readers will enjoy this tale.


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