Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pippa's Journal - 8/6/14

Mission Success

Just a quick update this week. On Saturday I signed the contract for my UF short No Angel. This will be releasing in December as part of a holiday themed collection by Breathless Press, and is the penultimate submission for this year. I have hopes for one more, but seriously I think I've done quite a lot already!

On the downside, it's looking more and more unlikely that Keir will be re-releasing this year. I simply have too much else in progress with my new publisher, and a holiday themed short I need to self publish in October otherwise it'll have to wait a whole nother year. With the paranormal short still needing artwork and edits, four titles scheduled for release until year's end, a SFF convention in October, plans to do NaNoWriMo in November, and a YA zombie short to finish and submit, I can't see a way to feasibly get it done. However, it should mean both Keir and Keir's Fall should be out in quick succession in 2015.

As far as writing goes, I'm awaiting the final look on my superhero romance When Dark Falls, first edits on UF short No Angel, and I need to revise and submit my YA dystopia Zombie Girl (my July NaNo). Then I plan to do edits for my paranormal short, followed by RIP 2 for November NaNo. That's it for 2014. Currently my word count stands at 42K, and bearing in mind I did nearly half my word count in the last four months of 2013, there's every chance of doing the same this year. 2013 gave me 100K. I'd be very happy to hit 80-90K for this year considering the number of releases (ie a confirmed six even without Keir).

In the meantime my second tour for Tethered continues over on my blog HERE. And don't forget it's only $2 at my publisher's website HERE for the whole of August as they celebrate their 5th birthday with 50% off all their titles (pssst, they have some more SFR too - new m/m release Lousy Magnet, f/f As Dreams Are Made On, and The Captain's Christmas. There's also fellow Brigader Liana Brooks adorable Heroes and Villains series). So far Tethered has a 5* review, and a 5 and 4* ratings on Goodreads. *relieved sigh*

Enjoy your week!

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