Friday, October 10, 2014


I’m ba-a-a-ck!  I’m moved in.  My lovely daughter is married (and currently enjoying a well-deserved beach honeymoon in Cancun) and I’m free to return to my usual pursuits.  No more excuses! 

So, yes, I’m faced with this:

On the writing front, at least, I have edits to keep me from facing that eternally blinking cursor for a while.  The editor and I are polishing Trouble in Mind, as we get ready for its debut in mid-2015.  The third book in the Interstellar Rescue series, Fools Rush In, is in final draft stage.  I’m incorporating comments from my beta readers on that space opera noir that will be hitting the market in early 2016.  (Oh, and I should have a cover launch coming up for Unchained Memory soon.  Watch this space!)

But work will inevitably have to start back up on the fourth book in the series (tentative title Follow the Sun), and the short story I started a while back to generate interest in the series, “Saturday Night in Devils Holler”.  Yikes!  My brain feels rusty and slow.  Who are these people and what are they doing?  These notes make absolutely NO SENSE!

But it’s okay.  I got this.  Writing is what we do, right?

As I come back from my extended immersion in family affairs, it will be more difficult to reestablish all my social networking connections.  I’ve been unplugged from Facebook for at least a month and haven’t cruised my usual websites to comment in at least that long.  Folks who know me mostly as a frequent commenter or poster must be thinking I’ve dropped off the edge of the earth.  When they think of me at all.  That’s the problem with social networking.  If you aren’t present, you don’t exist.  I’ve got to re-create that presence and put some energy into it ASAP.

I’ll be spiffing up my website and creating a new author page on Facebook in the next few weeks.  It so happens my website host, GoDaddy, is offering a new deal for upgrading my website (unlimited pages and other goodies) that looks very attractive.  I also want to start my own YouTube channel.  Then I could interview authors, do readings, get my artsy friends to do graphics and do other fun things. (Yeah, that’s ambitious, but easier in my mind than Twitter.)

Now that I think about it, the next few months promise to be pretty exciting!


--Congrats, Pippa, and best wishes for another successful launch!  You are on fire, girl!  And don’t forget, everyone, today is the day for the Scream! for the Cure cancer auction charity event.  Click here for more information.

--Yay, Laurie, I’ll be coming to RT, too!  Can’t wait to experience all the fun for the first time with you and Barbara.

Cheers, Donna


  1. Thanks Donna, and congrats! Yep, it can be tough getting back into it after a prolonged break, but I'm sure you'll succeed.

  2. Yippee, Donna. Need a room to share? I have a spare bed.


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