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Release Day - Hallow's Eve #paranormal #romance

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Mission Success!

It's release day for Hallow's Eve, my sweet paranormal romance short! I've been waiting on this for a whole year, rather like my hero. Lol. This is my first holiday themed story, the first paranormal I wrote, and the first time I've used the pre-order option. Wow, that's a lot of firsts for what is my fourth self published title (fifth if you include my involvement in the Kindle edition of Tales from the SFR Brigade). So yes, I still had things to learn. I had major issues with formatting, to the point where the lovely Stephanie Pajonas had to bail me out by doing my conversions for me. I was surprised by the wait on Amazon for it to go live - Smashwords takes an awful lot of preparation, but if you do it right it goes through fairly quickly (two and a half hours prep, btw). All Romance eBooks is fiddly, but providing you have your formats for upload prepped beforehand, it only takes a few moments to upload and have it live (but you need an ISBN, which is why I had to do SW first). Amazon is the least work in uploading, but I had to wait nine hours before it was up. So I think in future I would load up the Amazon one first, then SW. And much to my surprise (considering how long it usually takes them to put up a book at all), B&N had it up for pre-order the day before release. That also makes pre-order worthwhile!

And does pre-order make a difference? Well, it's just as much obsessive watching of the number of pre-orders as it is the number of sales. I'm curious to see how much of an actual boost it might give me on release day (because Amazon runs on US time and I'm UK, I may not actually see a result until tomorrow). However, as a self publisher it takes out a HUGE amount of the stress involved getting a book live for a specific release date, and that makes it a bonus to me whatever way you look at it. Being able to upload even a few days before release means I can have buy links earlier to send out in a press release, and means I can spend the actual release day enjoying the release instead of feverishly trying to upload, rushing it and possibly making mistakes, and gives me time to check for errors as well as create a bit more pre-release buzz. As it is, with all the paperwork for the tour and two other releases sitting on my computer, not having to upload the day before the release saved me working right through the night to get it all done!


When love comes home...

Twelve months ago, Hal's world crashed and burned, taking the love of his life with it. He's waited all year for that one special night when the souls of the departed come home, hoping his candle will summon back one in particular to heal his broken heart. But the forbidden knowledge he's learned could call something far worse, and put more than his own soul at risk...


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The official tour begins next Wednesday, but the international giveaway is already open and will run until the end of October. Enjoy!

A Writer's Space

Since Donna and Laurie have both shared their writing spaces...well, had to post mine. My first desk was here (and this is where Keir was written).

This is, however, the home computer, which I had to share with the other four members of the family, AND occupies one corner of what is our dining room and kids games room. Right now the computer isn't working and I've just cleared it of junk for the second time in a year - that empty desk space just invites people to dump stuff. Sigh. The nearby wall is also a gallery for my book covers, though I'm sadly well behind in updating it.

The new family computer is a laptop that is mine during school hours, but is also for homework use for the older two monsters. However, it has the advantage that my 'office' during the summer is this...

With winter coming, my 'desk' is my lap, and my 'office' either the living room sofa or my bed - the latter gets the benefit of what sunlight is available in the shorter days. I dream of a desk and office all to myself one day...


Scream! For the Cure - the first auction for the cancer charity event takes place this Friday, and you can check out the awesome paranormal romance goodie bundle HERE (pssst, Hallow's Eve and Restless In Peaceville are both part of the package!)

Hallow's Eve tour - this kicks off next Wednesday and I'll post the schedule then.

BristolCon - I'm gearing up for my first convention as an author (and my first in more years than I care to admit to!). If you're at the con on the 25th, please stop by the dealers room and say hi to me and Misa!

Print release dates for Restless In Peaceville and Tethered. Last week my publishers Breathless Press and Lycaon Press announced a print release schedule. I'm excited to be able to reveal that two of my books (so far) will be coming out in print format. Restless will release on the 11th February and Tethered on the 3rd March. In these days of digital presses, and many small presses not offering print formats at all, I'm stoked about two books going to print. You still can't beat holding an actual paperback!

Upcoming releases - When Dark Falls (superhero romance) in November, No Angel (futuristic urban fantasy) in December, and my newly contracted YA dystopian romance Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened is set for late April 2015. As for Keir...sigh. I can't tell you. 2015 is the best I can promise for now. But the cover reveal for No Angel is now set for the 29th October!

Ping Pong

Laurie - envious of your visit to RT, but enjoy!
Donna - congrats on your settling in and on the wedding of your daughter. May they live long and prosper!
Sharon - congrats on juggling such a busy schedule.


  1. Hi Pippa,
    Is it horrid? I prefer not to read horror stories - Mysteries of Udolpho!

    1. Not horror at all! I occasionally write grim, but I'm not a horror person at all, and this is a very sweet paranormal with no scary monsters or horror at all.

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