Friday, August 7, 2015


Hey, there, fellow space nerds, Trekkers, Star Warriors and assorted geeks! 

Hold onto your helmets 'cuz this week's post comes to you live from the Shore Leave Science Fiction Convention in Hunt Valley MD. Shore Leave is well known for being the largest fan-run STAR TREK con, but has expanded in recent years to include a wide range of SF fandoms. Big guests this year include John Barrowman of ARROW and TORCHWOOD fame, as well as Jaime Murray, Tony Curran and Jesse Rath (the scheming Tarr family of DEFIANCE). Woohoo!

Of course, Shore Leave has always been  a huge con for writers--pro writers for both TREK and STAR WARS pro novels, as well as SF of all stripes and fan fiction of every description. I started out as a TREK fan fiction writer selling my novellas at Shore Leave and my return as a pro writer is a big moment for me. My only regret is that my mentor and SF writer Ann Crispin, who used to run the writers' workshops at SL, passed away several years ago from cancer, so won't be here to see how far I've come.

I will be sitting on three panels here at the con: arguing the ever-fascinating questions of "The Best and Worst of Star Trek and Star Wars;" explaining my co-publishing deal in "Publishing: the Good, the Bad and the Indies;" and giving what advice I can to newbies and series hopefuls in "Writing the Next Book."  I'll also be selling and signing at the "Meet the Pros" event and doing the same all weekend at a table in the dealers' room.  Fortunately my daughter Jessie will be here to help me out. I'll be one tired tribble when it's all over!

Wanna get updates as the weekend progresses? Check out my Facebook page for the latest pics!    


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  1. Ack! John Barrowman was there and I missed it? Well dang! Hope to make it next year when I have this day job behind me. Sounds like it was a blast. *rushes off to check your FB feed*


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