Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Teaser - Booby Trapped Pants? #scifi #romance

The summer holidays are drawing to a close, and I'll soon be back to my normal blogging schedule. In the meantime, here's another snippet to entertain you. Taken from my short story Imprint in Tales from the SFR Brigade - a free scifi romance anthology - I'm also giving you a special treat. I won a cover in a contest and decided to have it made up for Imprint, on the off chance that I may one day release the story on its on. Enjoy!

I present an excerpt taken from my short story Imprint, part of the Tales from the SFR Brigade - a free scifi romance anthology. Having been rescued from a rather nasty fate by Deluvian Marshall Tevik who'd been pursuing her, my thief Jiona has woken up in what might seem a compromising situation at first assessment...

“Care to explain why I’m half-naked in your bed?”
Tevik quirked an eyebrow and perched beside her on the edge of the mattress, still keeping out of reach. “My bed, because there was nowhere else to put you. And as for your clothing…” He had the grace to look sheepish. “Strip search. After that trick in the vaults with the knife…” With one hand he gestured to a long, dark bruise over his ribs that matched those on the opposite side from where she’d kicked him. She flinched. “I couldn’t be sure what else you might have tucked away.”
“Bet you enjoyed searching me.”
A faint blush colored his cheeks. “I did what I had to do, for my own safety as much as yours. I didn’t want any booby traps going off in your outfit. You are known for them.”
She smirked. “Thought I might have a weapon tucked away in my panties?”
His blush deepened. Her panties had been little more than a strand of lace. Less restrictive, but certainly no cover for a weapon. Not even a very small one.
“With you, anything is possible.”
Jiona laughed. “Ah, now there’s a reputation I can be proud of!”

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  1. We wrote an ebook called Space Freighter: First dock Neo-Eden. I googled Space Freighter to check and found yall. I will definitely ear mark this blog for further perusal. It looks great!

  2. Glad you found us, Ray. Have one on the house. *slides a Billins down the bar to Ray*


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