Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Teaser - Demons on the Streets of the Future #urbanfantasy #futuristic

My summer book binge with my monsters continues, and while I keep reading, here's another excerpt for you to read. This is taken from my futuristic urban fantasy No Angel, where supernatural beings still roam the Earth, and other planets too...

He stalked the streets of the city, the part that he had an unspoken claim on. Around him, those few humans venturing into the cold, wet weather walked with silver rain sticks in their raised hands, the buzz of invisible energy umbrellas keeping them dry. Beams of light from flying vehicles criss-crossed the clouded sky above. The odd blaring of collision warnings or irate drivers too impatient to wait their turn at the aerial stop signs broke the incessant hum of traffic. Towers and gothic arches in black marble and black glass surrounded him, glinting in the bright gleam of lurid neons. Mirrored panels reflected the 3D adverts that would spring up in front of commuters, like pranksters leaping out of hiding. Lucien strode through them all as they tried to seduce him with the latest social drug, eating place, bar, or males and females available for company. Next, it offered things to increase his libido, at which he laughed, then cosmetic alterations to enhance his appearance. Lucien snorted. As an angel, he'd been beautiful. As a demon, he'd kept his looks, but his demonic nature had sharpened his high cheekbones and narrowed his face, turned his already dark skin a shade darker. He could class himself as drop dead gorgeous and appreciate the utter literal nature of the phrase.
When that failed, the ads tried targeting him with off-world travel as they followed him around. Lucien smiled. He already belonged to another world that most humans might have forgotten they could reach. Little did they know it would still be their final destination.

At last, even the holographic advertising left him alone. Contrary to what humanity might think, the supernatural beings of this world had adapted to technology, if somewhat more slowly than their mortal cousins. There were demons on the outer planets too, and new versions of Hell that linked them to the original to ensure the sinners still met the fate they deserved. Crossing space was no defense from supernatural beings who could cross dimensions as yet unknown and unexplored by the human race. 
A Futuristic UF Short
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