Friday, June 24, 2016



Is: Talk about Interstellar Rescue Squad! Apologies to FIGHT CLUB, but what good is an online group to share information and fun with other readers of the books you love if you don’t talk about it?

As most authors who have a “professional page” on Facebook have discovered, it’s difficult to get your message out to all the folks who have Liked your Page simply by posting. There are “rules” and “algorithms” and the "Evil Facebook Gnomes” to overcome to reach all the fans who you want to reach every time you post.

Some authors skip FB altogether and use an email newsletter. I choose to use a private FB group dedicated to my books and readers. I post news about my upcoming releases, cover reveals, blog posts, events and other exciting author stuff on the group page, and the page is open for members to post about my books if they are so inclined.

Anyone can see the page, anyone can join the group, but only members can post to the group. And the best part? Anything I post actually gets seen by all the group members. Right now that number is small, but I hope it will grow!

The group serves a double purpose, too. As soon as I post something to my Author Page, I Like it and Share it to my Interstellar Rescue Squad Page. (I also Like and Share as Donna Frelick on my personal timeline.) That gets picked up as activity by the FB algorithms. So the post gets sent to more of the Likes on my Author Page. Ha!

I’m overdue for some work on my group, it’s true. But some truly cool author news is coming soon. My Rescuers will be the first to know, even before I post it here! Wanna be in with the In Crowd? One of the cool kids? At the top of the A-List? It’s easy! Just follow this link to the Interstellar Rescue Squad Page to check it out, then message me at DonnaSFrelickAuthor on Facebook to request membership!


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