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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 - More Random Photos #StarWars #RogueOne #SWCE

 To save you from an entire summer of teasers (and mostly because I've run out of new stuff from new things and already shared loads from old), here's a few more random images from the Star Wars Celebration that don't really fit into a single topic, starting with film accurate replicas from the prop store. Enjoy!

Artwork from the artists quarter
Boushh costume from Return of the Jedi
Carrie Fisher on the live stream screen during her panel

The Droid Workshop - a club who specialize in building droids, especially astro-droids.

Not quite life sized but impressive nonetheless

Next week there'll be some video excerpts from the Rogue One panel that I forgot to post before, including a fun story from Alan Tudyk on him meeting Anthony Daniels

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