Monday, September 26, 2016

Trip, Sale and Pets in Space Anthology Update: #Fun and #Freebie

In My News

I'm just back from a wonderful trip to Louisville (Looeyville * Luhvul * Looaville), Kentucky and a visit to "The Church" of Thoroughbred horse racing, the incomparable Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.

While there we attended live racing--and the surprising return of an iconic jockey!--experienced the Kentucky Derby Museum, Barbaro's monument and burial site, Fourth Street entertainment district, and saw some amazing historical architecture.

Did you also know Louisville is home to the Louisville Slugger bat (the factory gives tours and will even create a bat for you) and fine Kentucky Bourbon? Did you know bourbon--which is a variety of American whiskey--must be at least 51% corn and 100% natural ingredients and can only be aged in new white oak barrels? Bourbon must be made in the U.S., but about 95% of all bourbon is produced in Kentucky. As one bartender put it, "If it's great Bourbon, it comes from Kentucky. If it's great whiskey, it comes from Tennessee." (Bartenders in Looavul know a lot about Bourbon!)

But bats, Bourbon and Thoroughbreds aren't Kentucky's only famous products. Here's a bit of trivia for the Dancing With the Stars fans. 90% of disco balls made in the US are made in Kentucky, with most coming from Louisville!

We'll be posting many more photos from the Churchill Downs race track and the adjacent Kentucky Derby Museum beginning later today on the Facebook page for our Thoroughbred business here: Rising Star Thoroughbreds (Yes, even our horse business has a "spacey" name. :D )

The iconic twin spires of Churchill Downs

Sale Update

99 cent sale!

Inherit the Stars was featured in a big Sci-Fi Romance sale last week where it was offered for the first time ever for 99 cents!

Though the sale ended on Friday, I've decided to extend the sale price for a limited time, so if you missed the first go-round you still have a chance to grab this full-length novel -- winner of the 2016 Carolyn Readers Choice Award and a current finalist for the 2016 Aspen Gold Award -- at this very low price. But hurry! The price will be going back up to $3.99 soon!

Inherit the Stars on sale

Pets in Space Anthology Update

News, fun and freebie!

We're on final approach for the October 11th release of the Pets in Space Anthology of nine new Sci-Fi Romance (+ pets) stories by nine bestselling or award-winning authors.

Pre-orders will be announced soon, but....would you like a sneak peek at the first chapters of these stories? You can get one right now on InstaFreebie in PDF, mobi, or epub versions!

Click here >>> Pets in Space Anthology First Chapters Sampler InstaFreebie!

This fan is reading her Pets in Space First Chapter Sampler InstaFreebie.
So can you! See link above.

And check out the newest Pets in Space Anthology trailer!

Two weeks ago, I announced the "adoption" of Hero Dog Mitch (click to read post and scroll down). Some of the profits of the anthology will go to support this wonderful cause, but I adopted "Mitch" as my own special project.

Going forward, I'll be making donations to his training as part of the Pets in Space support of, so if you comment below and mention him, I'll increase my next donation for every comment received.

Over on Facebook today, I'm holding an impromptu #pet #mugs fun contest. I'm looking for photos of your pet or #pets, or the funniest, coolest, or most unique #petmugs you've seen. To join in, just go to my profile page, find the post and add your images in the comments.

A few fun facts about my Pets in Space Anthology story StarDog
  • It's a companion story to Inherit the Stars
  • The title subject of the story is neither a star nor a dog (...exactly).
  • It has one shared character in common with Inherit the Stars
  • It begins on beautiful Planet Carduwa (there will be a future post on the setting's inspiration)
  • Other settings include planet Banna
  • For fans of the novel, there will be surprises that expand the Inherited Stars Universe
Want to keep updated on news about Pets in Space Anthology and other upcoming works? Please subscribe to my newsletter, which now has its own title: Escape to the Stars

Have a great week!


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