Thursday, September 15, 2016

Han Solo Origins - another much-anticipated Star Wars spinoff

The Star Wars spinoffs look like sooo much fun. I've already spoken about Thrawn and Darth Vader, but there's another one definitely on the way – an as yet unnamed Han Solo origins story. That will be about the young Han, before the Mos Eisley cantina.

How many of you remember the three Han Solo stories penned by Brian Daley? I read them back in the day. They were fun, action-packed adventures featuring Han and Chewie versus the Authority (not the Empire). I have just discovered a later series of Han books, by Ann Crispin That's a link to book one – but it's published by a Big Five, so there's no kindle version. (Nice one, Bantam)

I wonder if the version by Ann Crispin is what's going to be in the movie. Because I seem to recall from somewhere in my time being a Star Wars fan that Han was in the Fleet academy, and that he saved Chewie from slavery. There's an article on Han in the Star Wars Wookipedia which confirms what I recalled. It will be interesting to see what's canon, and what's not. This article is all about what Den of Geek thinks – and it sounds pretty convincing to me. Lawrence Kasdan is involved with the script, which is always encouraging.

Once again, I'm really looking forward to this movie. Let's see now… what else can we have a story about?

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  1. I just added those books to my Christmas gift list. Son, SIL, & grandson will love them. Thanks for sharing. (Of course, I might read them first. LOL)


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