Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks... #amwriting #scifi

...is a quote from Hans Christian Andersen (according to a quick Google. These days I'm always a little suspicious.). If I was ever asked what is the one thing I couldn't live without (other than coming back with the sensible answer of sustenance), it's music. I'm pretty much plugged into my mp3 player every hour of the day I'm alone, and can't go a day without music unless you want a seriously moody person on your hands. Lots of authors seem to find inspiration in music, make soundtracks for their books and characters, and I'm no different. My debut novel Keir owes much of its existence to the music of a certain Finnish rock band - The Rasmus - whose three albums at that time not only helped keep me sane during the writing process but heavily influenced the tone and character of the story. Justify is Keir's song most of all.

And on Sunday I got to see them perform live for the third time since I became a fan. Even more awesomely I got a close encounter with band member Eero who snuck out a fire exit while we were queueing. I managed actual words but tried to play it cool - I didn't think he wanted someone doing the whole fangirl thing at him (but damn it, I wish I'd asked for a photo. Not that anyone else would care - this is something I will always remember and be grateful for!).

The venue was quite small and cozy, and we had an excellent view (though my feeble camera lies about that). Not right at the front with the younger die hard fans, but on a second level balcony where no longshanks could get in front of me and block my view!

My phone also completely failed to save the video of their opening song, but luckily plenty of other people didn't have that problem, including my friend and fellow fan Irene Jones. Warning, there's a lot of strobe lighting and flash photography.

And of course they played the song they're most famous for.
The only problem with the cozy venue was lead singer Lauri was occasionally drowned out by his own fans singing. A shame because I love his voice, but I can't deny I wasn't singing along too. :P
But if you want to hear all the songs associated with Keir, go HERE to listen to my unofficial soundtrack and maybe play it as you read. :) Oh, plus a rare couple selfie taken outside King's Cross station (yes, THAT King's Cross station mentioned in the Harry Potter books).
Status Update
I've abandoned NaNoWriMo - it got me writing again, I have 10K on a new story and got my edits done. Aim achieved. At this stage I'm far too far behind to ever catch up so I will just keep pootling along with things.


  1. Looks like you had fun - and if Nano got you back into the groove, you have achieved.

    1. We did indeed - I love going to concerts despite all the crowds, and although hubs isn't a fan of this band particularly, he's pretty tolerant and it makes for a decent date night. Yep, NaNo has done what it needed to for me this year.

  2. Music is always such a great inspiration. When I hear songs I really love, it always gets my creative wheels turning, too. Glad you were able to attend a concert you so enjoyed--and even got a bonus chat with one of the members!

    Glad to hear NaNoWriMo helped you get back on track. I've yet to try it.

    And I always grin when I see a male named Laurie or Lauri. Guess it's more standard in the UK, but not seen too often here in the states.

    1. Thanks! Well, it's not a common name here for guys either - he's from Finland, lol. I believe it's pronounced lau-ree rather than low-ree or law-ree.

  3. So true. On Thanksgiving day I found myself in an unmotivated funk, and I had signed up for cooking the entire meal myself. It's not too surprising considering it's raining nonstop here, and I'd been neglecting my light box. But I put on some music I knew all the lyrics to and started singing while I was cooking, and it saved the day.


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