Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Progress Report: #NaNoWriMo Week 1

It's not been a great start. We had an unexpected guest on the 31st so instead of going through my WIPs to get an idea where to start, I was cleaning house. And now I'm working, I lose an extra day a week on top of not being able to work weekends. Eep! Plus yesterday was dear husband's birthday. So I've effectively only had two days out of seven to NaNo. Not good.
But hopefully I can make up some ground next week. I went into this November's NaNo with no expectations to hit 50K, only to make some progress after over a year doing bugger all other than picking at edits (if you mention the release of Unexpected, I checked on my files and I started that little novella nearly three years ago and the edits were pretty lightweight. Bear in mind I still hadn't completed edits on Reunion (originally marked for release May 2016!!) or on Revived. My track record for 2016/17 is not good).
So far I've finished the edits on Reunion, and added 3K to the book my editor thinks needs to come between two and three of Keir (and frankly I agree).
But a new music album by Red has me thinking shiny thoughts about the sequel to my superhero story When Dark Falls...
Reunion already has a cover so really there's no excuse not to have that ready for release in 2018 (only two years late. Sheesh).
Best get back to work...

Cosplay Under Construction
Because I have SIX outfits scheduled for next year, I'm taking a shortcut on the first by buying in a few pieces as this one has the advantage of being somewhat 'normal'. Though there are parts I'm going to have to make, or at least paint up. Want to take a guess at it?
Chook Update
Effie is still laying despite the much shorter days and our first hard frost last night. I'm starting to wonder if she's going to lay right through the winter.
Youngster Firefly is still in the nursery coop with Mama Pitch but the colder temperature has had them hiding out in the coop so I'm wondering whether to move them into the main coop and run where they get more sun (when we get any).

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