Monday, May 14, 2007

An Untimely Rant

Yet Another Lament on the Demise of Firefly

I know this isn't an original topic, and I'm very late in jumping onboard the Firefly bandwagon, but still, I gotta pose the question:

How does a well written sci-fi series with a phenomenal cast get axed after just a few episodes in its inaugural season? What's wrong with this picture?

After blockbuster big screen dynamos like Star Wars, little screen turned monster movies like Star Trek, and the success of (IMHO) mediocre sci-fi TV fare such as Stargate and Sliders, how did this one go astray? Firefly and Serenity (the movie that evolved from the cancelled TV series) fans seem like a loud and devoted lot, but maybe many, like myself, learned about Firefly much too late to make a difference. I wonder if well-written science-fiction/futuristic fantasy books are often doomed to the same fate? Thoughts?


  1. Although I never watched Firefly, I feel for you. I've lost good shows prematurely too.

  2. Oh, you missed a good one, Kimber An. The characters were what hooked me, even more than the sci-fi setting. I had a few critters make comparisons to some of my work, which was why I got interested in watching the episodes. But that was long after the series was cancelled, unfortunately. :(


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