Saturday, May 19, 2007


Not all works of science fiction or science fantasy take place in the future. I think there is as much mystery in our past as in what lies ahead of us.

I've recently started the research for my fourth project tentatively titled Passages. The name is borrowed from a work of art that I saw hanging in a Santa Fe art gallery--and fell in love with. It was very similar composition to the picture at the right.

I think this image captures the essence of my planned novel, the sense of time as something that is passed through, as you would move through the doors and rooms of this ancient Anasazi city.


  1. Oooh, very cool! I love it when they're a break from the usual in any genre.

  2. Yes, lots of research to do on this one. I was just informed yesterday by an archeaologist that "Anasazi" is no longer used, since it's derived from a Navajo word meaning 'ancient enemies' (roughly translated) and the Pueblo people find that offensive. (I can certainly understand why.) The Anasazi are now referred to as the 'Ancestral Pueblos'. From what he explained, many of the modern day Pueblo people can trace their clan symbols to Ancestral Pueblo sites that were abandoned around 1300 AD. I was also corrected that the Anasazi/Ancestral Pueblos civilization did not vanish into thin air, as a lot of my preliminary research seemed to indicate, they simply migrated to new locations due to any number of factors and their culture evolved into the modern day Pueblos. There's a lot of misinformation out there on the web. At any rate, he did verify that there was some sort of rift or altercation that resulted in a number of deaths at around the time the old sites were abandoned, and that's the important factor in Passages.

    It's amazing the things you learn--or things you thought you knew that are now outdated theories--when you start researching a novel. :)


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