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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Welcome to Spacefreighters' Lounge

Pull up a hoverchair and have a Billins. :)

This blog is named in honor of the seedy tavern on Dartis where my MC originally began his journey (before my critiquers forced me to trash the Star Wars cantina opening. *sigh* (Besides, all the other blog names I could think of were taken. I think I tried at least 30...this was worse than naming a Thoroughbred! ;) )

Anywho...I thank my blog buddy Kimber An for her advice to set up a new blog with all the bells and whistles. quest begins.


  1. (Kimber grabs a Romulan Ale and leans back in her chair, propping her feet on the bar.) Well, this must be from a story I didn't crit because I love Star Wars cantina openings! I love the blog's name and I think you're off to a great start!

  2. Welcome to my brand new blog, Kimber An. You have boldly gone where no blogger has gone before. ::: struggles to do vulcan hand greeting ::: Thanks for being my first visitor. :)

    Take a look at my most recent post. As a very talented sci-fi-slash-space-opera-slash-futuristic-fantasy writer yourself, you may find some points of interest here to incorporate into your work.

    So hope you fly that little hotrod prototype starship into this cyberlounge from time-to-time to check out the latest news and grab some extra-terrestrial inspiration. ;)


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