Monday, May 21, 2007

New Feature: The Best of Firefly

I've added a new feature at the right side for a collection of the best Firefly videos I've found on YouTube to date (look for the list under the Firefly icon). There are five so far, each with a separate theme or topic.

Firefly Series Theme "You Can't Take The Sky From Me," the main title, is about space being the last free frontier. It has become a trendy catch-phrase you can now find on t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and hats (along with "My Firefly can whip your Federation Starship!" and "How many Firefly products do I have to buy to get a sequel?")

Firefly Final Tribute set to "I Believe" does a wonderful job of choreographing scenes to the music with uncanny perfection. It captures the essence of the characters and the sentiments of a fiercely loyal, and still growing, fan base. There are also some heart-pounding flight scenes and a few of my favorite moments from the series. I think this is better than any of the movie trailers I've seen. Highly recommended.

Firefly "Hero" is a look at Captain Mal Reynolds many personality facets. Some excellent clip-to-lyric synching on this one. Browncoats never die, they just keep flyin'.

Firefly - "100 Years". The lyrics of this song assigns one of the ages to each character. Though not as moving as Final Tribute and not as edgy as Wake Me Up, this one is very nicely done.

Firefly "Bring Me To Life" explores the character of River Tam, a 17-year-old girl whose backstory revealed she had been identified as a latent psychic and fallen victim to brain experiments conducted by the Alliance. River's plight as an unpredictable and deadly dormant weapon unfolds with the excellent editing and the edgy rhythms of this popular song.


  1. You're really keeping things hopping around here!

  2. Yes, this one has been a lot of fun. I can post on a limitless number of topics, so there's always new things to see. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Kimber.


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