Friday, September 26, 2008

Find of the Week

I'm always scouting for new bricks to add another layer to my Leaning Tower of TBR (C). This one I stumbled across in a chat group that admitted shying away from anything Science Fiction or Romance, and they ordered the book based on buzz and were surprised to find it was a Science Fiction Romance, and a great read at that. One of the members named the book as his/her favorite read of the month.

So I'm picking up John Scalzi's ZOE'S TALE as another of my "must reads." From the descriptions, this is a parallel novel to the OLD MAN'S WAR series, told from a different perspective, and I've heard many positive things about the books and have yet to read one.

So there's my find of the week. You can read more about ZOE'S TALE by John Scalzi here.


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