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Monday, September 29, 2008


Yes, it’s SciFiRom Week because, well…because we said so! I think SFR needs its own week, don’t you? Well, Spacefreighters just created one! Happy SFR Week!

And being that it is--Science Fiction Romance--I think it needs to go beyond a mere national holiday. Let's dub it Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week! Yes! I like it.

*throws confetti*
*twirls noisemakers*
*lights fireworks*

OK, so what do we have planned for the first inaugural SFR Week launch?

Lotsa stuff!
Book Previews
The launch of the Dom Perignon side bar
(you’ll have to read the article to see what I mean)
...and more.

But most important of all, we want to make this an interactive event with Science Fiction Romance writers, readers and fans. Let's exchange ideas, offer opinions, give other words, share the wealth!

So pop in early and often. After all, it's not often you get invited to an intergalatic holiday!

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