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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Toasted Scimitar Signs Off

Some of the readers of Spacefreighters may know of my other joint blog The Toasted Scimitar, our themed Fantasy Pub. T/S kicked off in June 2007 as a joint blog co-hosted by myself and three--later four--Fantasy/SF writers, my co-bloggers Abby Rustad (published author of an impressive list of Fantasy and SF shorts), published author Ardyth De Bruyn (CHOSEN SISTER), and the talented writers known as "Skipperz" and "Spartezda."

We recently made the joint and unanimous decision to retire Toasted Scimitar from blogdom. ("RIP Toasted Scimitar") We'll leave the blog inactive for the next year before deleting it, as some of the former articles are still getting hits and comments. I will always fondly remember T/S as my tutor and on-the-job instuctor into the universe of blogdom.

Long live Toasted Scimitar.

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