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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Excerpt

Welcome!  I heard about the Six Sentence Sunday writing exercise--brainchild of Sara Brookes--via an article posted by Jessica Subject on the SFR Brigade. It sounds like such a fun and positive experience!

After scanning my work for a first excerpt to post, I decided to start at the beginning (harsh language and all) of my current WIP, The Outer Planets. Thanks for stopping by. :)

“Hello, bitch,” Lissa Bruce whispered.

Outside the portal, a leviathan floated in all her gloating glory. Running lights on full, insignias glowing, silver carbon skin stretched tight over her multi-deck carcass. Damned ship had been nothing but heartache. The research vessel too tough to die.



  1. Laurie,

    Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! Your excerpt has definitely peaked my interest. Great description with an aura of mystery. I hope you will post more from this WIP.

  2. Sweet. Glad you hopped in, Laurie.
    You know what I think about your opening lines to OP. Awesome!!!

  3. Now that is a great beginning! I hope to see more!

  4. Cool! Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

  5. Welcome to SSS! Love the snippet :-)

  6. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! Love your six!

  7. It is a great opening, Laurie!!! A definite hook.

  8. Love! It! Wonderful six sentences - so evocative and intriguing!

  9. Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. This is such a cool idea and fun experience!

    I'm really enjoying reading all the excerpts and the rich variety of voices, characters and situations that are artfully showcased in just six sentences.

  10. Ooo, Laurie, this is what I love in my SF - the immediacy of setting and conflict. Throw me in there in medias res! Nicely done ;)

  11. Welcome to Six sentence sunday. I loved your post and hope you'll stop by again!

  12. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, Laurie. Had a feeling Jessica Subject's post would attract new, er, blood!

    Very descriptive. Great snippet.

  13. Thanks, everyone, for the welcomes and the comments. :)

    Taryn, yes, I see several Brigaders jumped onboard. I'm so glad Jessica posted about SSS.

    I hope to be back next week to read more Six Sentence posts.

  14. You had me, hooked! Love it!

  15. Thank you, Kathleen. (Oh, I love hearing that!) And thanks for stopping by!

    Barring anything unforeseen (meteor impact or the non-existant creek rising), I'll be back next Sunday. Oh, and I see many of the SSSers posted an image to go with their snippet. I'll try to do that, too.

    Thanks for the great welcome and painless initiation, all.

  16. Hi Laurie!
    Congrats on your first six and thanks for the comment and compliment on my blog. Loving the scifi theme on yours. Can't wait to see your next six.
    Pippa Jay

  17. Great start Laurie! Look forward to the nest SSS instalment


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