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Love's in the Stars for Valentine's Day

Love is in the...vacuum?  In the tradition of Six Sentence Sunday, we're including several slightly longer snippets of "Love in the Stars" encounters for Valentine's Day. 

(But, of course, that doesn't negate planetside scenes of romance, too.)


Note: The following excepts contain elements of desire, physical attraction and/or suggestive language, but are not explicit.  Rated PG17.

Gabriel and Lana
Trouble in Mind
Science Fiction Romance
Work in progress by Donna S. Frelick

Gabriel is a half-human touch telepath; Lana is a fully human FBI agent. They're both on the trail of kidnappers who have taken a woman and her young son who holds the key to a galactic power play. It all starts with a kiss . . .

Her taste—God, he loved the way she tasted.

A subtle vibration shook him, something shared between them that sizzled like the flow of current along a circuit. Something was connected, completed in the press of their bodies, in the velvety tangle of his tongue with hers. His shields were under assault, but from her mind or his own needs, he could not tell. He could feel her heat, her need for him, her longing to surrender, beating against him like the waves of a sea storm against a sandy shore. And he was crumbling, sliding into her surging waters, wanting to open his mind and let her in. So he could feel everything about her. So she could know everything about him.

But, suddenly, almost as quickly as it had begun, it was over. Lana pulled back, reluctance and something close to fear shadowing her green eyes. She licked her lips. Took a breath. Touched his face.

“I think that’s probably enough self-indulgence for tonight, don’t you?”


Mitch and Lissa
The Outer Planets
Near Future Science Fiction Romance
Work in Progress by Laurie Green

As crewmates on a planetary research vessel, video-journalist Lissa Bruce has a secret that requires she keep her distance from Lieutenant Mitch Coe, the captain's aide de camp.  But fate may have other plans for them.

“Would you like to come in?” Mitch asked as they approached his cabin. “I could make you some lunch.”



“I wish I could,” Lissa said, fighting temptation. “But I’ve got a heavy shooting schedule and a ton of deadlines hanging over my head. Maybe another time?”

She’d already pushed her schedule by spending time in the Weightless Lab. Now she had hours of work still ahead--ten assignments to finish before her shift ended or there’d be hell to pay with Parker. Doing quality work was important to her. Not as important as reconnecting with Mitch, but she had to make compromises and find a balance in what she hoped would become a good friendship.

She saw the uneasiness flood his expression. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound like a come-on.”

“It wasn’t taken as one.” She reached out to squeeze his hand. His fingers closed around hers.

“Ask you a blunt question?” he said, his tone solemn.

Uh-oh.  “Sure.”

“Are you…and Captain Storing…”

“What?” Benson. Lissa closed her eyes. “Let me guess. You heard a rumor.”

His answer came as a dry rasp. “Yeah.”

“The answer is not only no, but hell no. Nothing the least bit romantic there.”

He inclined his head, studying her face. “Okay.”

His smokey gaze moved from her eyes to her mouth. Something that looked like confusion flashed in his eyes. He lifted her chin with his fingers and she instinctively leaned forward. His mouth was gentle, in total contrast to the jolt of heat it sent spiking through her body. Her hands closed around his upper arm, squeezed, caressed.

He broke contact, then his lips found her again in another tentative brush. His hands settled on her hips; hers on his waist. She pulled him closer, slid her arms around his body.

His mouth molded to hers more fully--warm, firm and sensuous. A deep ache flared low in her belly and she arched against him, her hands sliding up his back, spiking into his hair, her lips moving against his mouth, wanting, needing, inviting more.


Greg and Elena (secondary characters)
The Outer Planets
Near Future Science Fiction Romance
Work in Progress by Laurie A. Green

Security Chief Greg Farr and Med-Tech Elena Stevens share an intense attraction they both avoid acting on, because they know the relationship is doomed to be a star-crossed romance that would end at the mission's conclusion.  But love can prove to be a stronger force of attraction than even the gravity well of Jupiter.

Elena hit the button when the door buzzer sounded, expecting Tija or Carlene had stopped by for a chat. Maybe Mitch.

But not Greg.

He stood outside her quarters, blue eyes fixed on her face and generous mouth set in a slash of determination.

She fought the impulse to throw herself into his arms. “Greg?”

He lowered his chin. “’Lena. Could I…?”

“Come in.” She eased back a step.

He took a stride forward.

She flipped the door toggle to close the seal behind him. Greg closed the distance, grasped the sides of her face in his hands and kissed away her questions. His warm lips moved on hers, soft and seeking.

She moaned, her hands curling around his forearms, then sliding up to his shoulders. Their bodies pressed close, and when his kiss deepened, she thought her heart would stop cold.

He broke the kiss to embrace her and spoke, close to her ear. “I can’t lose you like that. Can’t watch you leave at the end of the mission, never knowing…”

His mouth returned to hers, and his hands corraled her hips. He tangoed her to the kitchen, still locked in the kiss, settling on the galley stool to pull her down on his lap.
Wishing you a Valentine's Day
filled with romance and promise.
Fom Spacefreighters Lounge

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