Sunday, February 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Celebration!

Six Sentence Sunday is celebrating its one year anniversary in a big way!  This weekly writing exercise, where participants post six sentences from a current novel or work in progress, has grown into a very popular event with approximately 70 participating members. 

To celebrate, creator Sara Brookes has organized the participants to offer some fabulous giveaways, with a chance to win awarded to those who comment on their blogs this week.  To access the Six Sentence Sunday site with a link list of participants, just click the icon above.  To tempt you, here's a peek at the wonderful offerings.

eBook of choice from backlist - Sara Brookes

eBook copy of Healing Hearts - Taryn Kincaid

Print copy of The Doctor's Deception - Kathleen Grieve

Autographed copy of Not Without Risk - Sarah Grimm

$10 eBook Bucks from & - Jessica Subject

Choice of backlist - Rebecca Royce

Autographed copy of Damaged Cargo (see website for blurb) - Sandra Sookoo

$10 ebucks and an ecopy of When A Mullo Loves A Woman via All Romance - Joanne Kenrick

$10 Amazon Gift Card - Lisa Fox

$5 gift certificate at MuseItUp Publishing Bookstore - Marsha Moore

$5 gift certificate to MuseItUp Publishing's bookstore - Krista D Ball

eBook copy of Copy of Uniform Behaviour - Lucy Felthouse

eBook of Southern Comfort - Eve Cassidy

eBook copy of Stolen Dreams - Stacey Kennedy

eBook copy of Heart of Stone - Dee Carney

eBook copy of Blood Kin - Ashlynn Monroe

Autographed copy of 2011 EPIC Award finalist Ride the Lighting - Lex Valentine

Autographed copy of 2011 EPIC finalist, Picture This, and beaded book thong - Cate Masters

Book of choice from the Decadent Publishing Library - Ann Mayburn

eBook copy of Room 11 - Dawne Prochilo

eBook copy of Elora's Match - Liia White

eBook or paperbook copy of Rock Bound - Rochelle Weber

ebook copy of Lair of the Jaguar God - Marie Dees

Hot Spanish Nights Coffee Mug - Bianca Swan

eBook copy of Fine Print - Alanna Coca

Copy of Two is Twice as Nice by - Emily Cale

Copy of Goodbye Scrooge and Permanent Ink - Jaime Samms

eBook copy of Love&Chocolate Anthology - Charmaine Gordon

Two eBooks from Leigh Ellwood's catalog - Leigh Ellwood

eBook copy of Shades of Gray and Legacy of Ghosts - Joleene Naylor

Choice of backlist - Gem Sivad

eBook of 2010 New Asian Writing Short Story Anthology, THE RAGE OF A NEW ANCESTOR - J C Martin

eBook copy of Eostre's Hare - Arlene Webb

eBook copies of first two Blood-Vine series books - Christa Paige

eBook copy of Montana Belle or Forget-Me-Not - Linda Morris

Come join the fun!  Six Sentence Sunday Anniversary Celebration. 
Want to learn more about how Six Sentence Sunday works?  Click here.


  1. Hey Laurie!
    No six sentences from you this Sunday? Darn.
    I'm afraid your comment has disappeared from my blog on today's post - having some trouble with the new comments system and it had deleted the previous 16 - got them back and lost yours instead, sorry! :(

  2. Thanks, Pippa. I'll be back next week, just didn't want to take up link space for the big celebration this week.

    I'll go back and comment again. I was wondering why mine was the only comment--I knew that couldn't be right!

  3. Miss your six sentences this week, Laurie. But think you are so nice to give the celebration the space.

  4. Aw, thanks Kaye. I plan to be back at it next week.


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