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Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to this week's excerpt for Six Sentence Sunday.

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More from The Outer Planets...

There's a new twist in the Lissa and Mitch dilemma set up in earlier posts.  She's...

Trouble With a Capital Tija

Mitch stepped on to the trans-level lift, or TLL in crew shorthand, and turned to speak his destination to the mic. Before he could utter a word, Tija slipped through the entrance, punched the Close Seal button and pirouhetted to face him.

“Hi,” she said, her dark eyes bright.

He straightened and uttered a quiet, “Hi.”

“You are well?”

“Just fine, and you?” He kept his tone low, formal and—he hoped—devoid of any hint of interest. Not that her sexier-than-hell Chilean accent was easy to ignore. But he was still beating himself up over that one heaven-and-hell night in Houston.


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The Outer Planets is a Near Future Military Science Fiction Romance. It is a work in progress that will be marketed in 2011. 


  1. Now that leaves a lot of questions I want answered. Heaven and hell in Houston?!

  2. I want to know what happened in Houston too!

  3. Yup, I want to know what happened, as well. Especially if he's beating himself up over it.

  4. What happens in Houston better not stay there. we want to know!!!

  5. I never knew Houston could be so exciting!

  6. Man, what happened next? Great job!

  7. How the hell can I read the sentences when I'm fixated on that picture? Once I dragged my sight over, it was well worth it. Great show of a guy with regrets.

  8. Nice! Definitely makes me want to read more! I like him. :-)

  9. Pulls me right in. And what was his Houston, we have a problem, moment.

  10. @MarieDees Thanks so much! "Houston, We Have a Problem moment." LOL Should have used that as my snippet title.

    @Arlene Oh yes, many regrets. Glad you liked the pic. :) I saw it and had to grab it for this scene.

    @Chrystalla Thank you! That's what I was going for. It feels like I'm walking a thin line trying to keep Mitch sympathetic in dealing with the aftermath of, unexpected entanglement.

    @LisaFox Neither did Mitch.

    @Pippa Jay, Eleri Stone, Sarah Grimm, Jo-Anne Kendrick, Jayel Kaye, Sandra Sookoo and Chrystalla: There is a little more thought from Mitch on what happened to flesh out this scene (didn't want to leave you hanging too much) if you click the link below the six snippet.

    Thanks all, for reading and commenting. :)

  11. I wanna know why it was heaven AND hell!

  12. Houston, we have a problem, and that is we need more so we need what the heck happened in Houston! Great!

  13. Love it! You hit a chord with the Houston -- oh boy -- umm, problem! Great excerpt Laurie. Like I said, this should be published and I mean Now!

  14. LOL. That's a Houston Problem I'd like to hear about!

  15. @LexValentine Guilt can be a terrible thing! :/

    @LauraKaye Thanks for stopping by! I hope to post a bit more of this scene next week.

    @KayeManro Thanks, Kaye! It's not quiiiiite there yet, but almost. I hope to market it soon.

    Thanks, all, for your comments. :)

  16. This becomes more interesting every Sunday!
    Great Six!

  17. Just like everyone else, I'm curious about that night in Houston, but also what he's going to do about Tiya. Great six!

  18. @Lisa A. Vance Yup, more to that story.

    @Taryn Kincaid Ay Chihuaua!

    @Lauri J. Owen Yes, it's becoming quite the hot box. *smirk*

    @MarshaAMoore Thanks! Should have a bit more of Mitch and Tija Trouble next week.

    @creativebarbwire Thank you! Glad you're intrigued. Ok, I finally found you on the SSS list so I could visit your blog. :)

  19. @JSubject Glad this piqued your curiosity. :) This mission has its share of danger and mystery, but in the midst of it all, the hero gets to deal with a bit of a Fatal Attraction scenario, too.

    (Yup, I'm a card-carrying member of the Evil Authors Guild.)

  20. I know, I know, what happened, but I'm not going to tell.

    I love this story, Laurie, and you've certainly got everyone asking what about Houston. Nice six for this week.

  21. Next week can we get Houston? :)

  22. Hey @Merc. Yup, that's the plan. heh heh Glad you decided to try SSS.

    @graylinfox You'll get a little more of the elevator situation next week. What happened in Houston didn't stay in Houston...thanks to Tija.

  23. Yummy! And that last line just doubled the fun.

  24. OK, spill! What happened in Houston?

  25. @ Casi, Ella and Lisa Thanks for commenting. Stay tuned for more of the Mitch/Tija dilemma next week.

  26. Must. Read. More! WTH happened in Houston?

    Great snippet!

  27. @DL Jackson OMG, I missed your comment, oh IP of mine. Thanks for stopping by.

    @laynap Thanks for your comment. More next week. :)


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