Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Getting Distracted #cosplay #StarWars

Just lately I've lost the enthusiasm to write. Unlike previous such attacks, it's not so much the I Suck Fairy but a lack of inspiration, coupled with the knowledge that I don't have the money to publish the stuff already in my files, let alone new stuff. Even a sub call that caught my eye hasn't actually got me writing even though I have characters. I have no plot, and muse is just shrugging at me.

But I get restless if I'm not doing something creative. Cosplay has filled that need and kept my hands busy while my mind wanders. This week, however, despite splashing out on some fabric from an actual shop to continue with my eldest's Rey cosplay, the rapidly approaching Star Wars Celebration reminded me that I don't have a complete costume for the event. And it's getting closer!

 A couple of years back I picked up a Star Wars themed pattern from eBay, and made myself a basic Jedi tunic and cloak. I don't look like anyone in the SW universe, so being a generic Jedi is more my preference.

With the celebration happening in just under two weeks, and the British weather actual set to pick up temperature wise, I think the heavy wool cloak I made is going to be a no-no. While I love the tunic, the belt I made for it is too wide for a shortie like me and makes me feel like I can't bend in the middle. I'd spotted some leather Jedi belts on eBay, but the cost had made me hesitate previously. Running out of time and feeling my outfit somewhat inferior to 11yo's Hux cosplay, I decided I had to go for it.

I was quite impressed. Despite the high price tag, I was expecting something fairly naff in fake leather. Instead I got a heavy duty belt with bright, shiny working buckles and thick tooled leather. I've opted for my own makeshift lightsaber holder rather than the 'proper' ones you can buy - I'm using a carabine d-ring which comes out a fifth of the price of the holder (maybe I'll invest in one later).
The other problem I have is a lack of pockets. I've bought myself a black canvas backpack to carry my supplies in, but I'm not happy about letting important things like my wallet and train ticket roll around inside that. You can buy Jedi belts with the pouches, but those are obviously more expensive, and the pouches themselves cost. I had some black fake leather in my fabrics box so I decided to make some pouches of my own.

I soon regretted it. I used a couple of digital camera cases to give me an idea of size and structure for the pouches, and the main body of my own version was fine. It was the side panels I struggled with. For one thing I couldn't get them into my sewing machine to stitch (not that it hadn't already struggled with a double layer of fake leather with heavy weight interfacing for rigidity). So I had to hand stitch them. Fiddly and hard work (my poor fingers!). But in the end, it looks okay and will fulfill the function for which it was made.

I've no inclination to make another right now. Again, I'll be posting this over on my tumblr blog HERE over the summer. The posts will begin on the 27th of July weekly with the full details of the Hux cosplay, the Rey one to date, and the pouch.

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Status Update
Gethyon is still in edits. Are you tired of me saying that yet? Ditto Revived and Reunion. I've signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo, but I'm not sure I'm going to finish or hit target for this one. >.<
See ya next week!


  1. I'm feeling very much the same with writing. My Camp project has characters, plot, and even an outline. But I'm not in love with it.

    Otoh, I've booked a couple of craft fairs and am crocheting like something possessed. Maybe we both just need a change of creative scene!

    1. Yeah, I think we do. The cosplay stuff has been giving me more of a buzz than writing lately. But I have the summer break coming up soon anyway.

  2. Seems to be a lot of the Uninspired Writer Syndrome (UWS) going around. I wish I had another creative outlet I could turn to while my muse seems to be on vacation. (Not sure a patio garden counts as a creative outlet. LOL)

    1. Gardening counts! I usually find housework is a good muse kickstarter, but lately I've been clearing out storage areas which is very cathartic.

  3. Oh, me, too. That's why I did a print version of my 3 Dryden stories. I could pretend I was doing something writing related. As usual, fellow space freighters, I'm glad it's not just me.

    1. I guess the whole crew needs shore leave!


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