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Friday, July 22, 2016


Wow! My co-bloggers have been busy while I've been gone! Congrats to Sharon on her new releases. Love the new Ophelia cover, Sharon! I know Laurie is excited about the new developments in her Inherit the Stars series. The cat photos were a blast, Greta. And I KNOW you had a ball at the SW con, Pippa.

My station in the dealers' room at the SF con Shore Leave showed me a steady parade of Dr. Who boxes, companions, Star Fleet officers, Q impersonators, Klingons, green Orion slave girls and these guys, who posed with me for a pic:

Meanwhile, the drawings for two Trouble in Mind audiobooks and one $15 Amazon gift card yielded THREE big winners today. James Edward Doyle, Jr. and Melissa McNally are the audiobook winners. Jennifer Holliday is the winner of the gift card. I will be in touch with them via Facebook.  Congratulations and watch this space for big news about the Interstellar Rescue series coming up soon!

Cheers, Donna

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