Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Rockin' the #Cosplay at #NorCon7 #scifi #convention

My post about Nor-Con is a tad later than even I planned, but better late than never, right? This will be a photo heavy post - since I didn't get time to make myself a new cosplay for this year, I set myself a challenge to photograph as many fellow Star Wars cosplayers as possible - actually a tough ask between touring the merchandise, the cosplay contest, photo sessions and talks. But I have to give them a huge thank you for posing for shots, and especially those who invited me to join them in the pictures.

Yay for female pilots!

A hint at an alliance for TLJ?!
How cool is that double bladed lightsaber?!

Extra special thanks to CRITIT.CO.UK (Bespoke & New RPG Gaming Accessories) for not only the photo but the loan of one of their very cool customs made lightsabers!
Yes, I know the Daleks weren't in Star Wars...

13yo actually answering questions on stage for the cosplay contest (he didn't win, sadly).
Eldest with the very lovely Anjli Mohindra (Rani in The Sarah Jane Adventures, a Doctor Who spinoff)
Me with Chris Barrie, the very nice chap who plays the not so nice Rimmer in Red Dwarf

And me with the absolutely lovely Femi Taylor (Lola the Twi'lek dancer from Jabba's Palace in ROTJ). She was so sweet!
This year Nor-Con was held over two days but we only attended the second. It was apparently a quieter day but still well attended. We went Sunday as that was the only day Toyah Willcox (80s singing icon) was there, and hubs is a huge fan.
And we finally got hubs to join in with the cosplaying! After being drafted to help with the Witch-king mask and moving on to do the sword and flail, and going to Invasion Colchester, hubs gave in to the dark side. Virtual cookies if you can guess who he's cosplaying... (psst, it's not science fiction).

He's already picked a cosplay for next year (we really have got him hooked, lol), and it even came with an option to do a couples cosplay. Even better, I learned the actress playing Kala wasn't that far off my current age when she played the character so I won't feel like I'm out of my depth trying to pull it off.
General Kala and Klytus, Flash Gordon
Status Update
Life has grown another curve ball for me so I have no idea where my writing/publishing will be headed. I'd actually started writing again, and I'd signed up to NaNoWriMo to try completing a few loose ends, but not expecting to hit 50K. It's just a little motivation to try to finish what needs finishing. Whether I will take part or not...well, I can't be sure of anything. But I did release something new for 2017 (just about - it's been 19 months since I released anything other than my reissue of Gethyon).

A Scifi Romance Novella

Chook Update
Effie decided to surprise us and make up for her weeks of broodiness and motherhood by laying eggs long after we thought they'd finished for the year.

Chick Update
Marvel and Firefly will be eight weeks old on Thursday, and Marvel already has a forever home with some hens of his own lined up. He'll be off to his new coop in just two days time. Sad to see him go but his new owner sent me photos of the two young girls he'll be joining - a pair of frizzle Pekins only a couple of weeks older than him - so I know he's going to have a great life.  Firefly will stay with Mama Pitch in the nursery coop until we've built the new coop and run, at which point all our girls will move in together.
He's become a very handsome little boy.

Pippa Jay signing off...


  1. Loved all the photos. Sorry the kiddo didn't win, but he sure had a fabulous costume...as did you all!

    I'm going to take a wild (and probably very wrong) guess on your other half. His cosplay reminded me of Hooper from Jaws. Yes? Oh heck no?

    Wow, Marvel has gotten so big!

    1. A basket of virtual cookies for you - Hooper is correct!


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