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Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 releases in just THREE DAYS!

Though that may not be news to you (if the authors have done a good job of getting the word out), I do have some fun and totally NEW things to share with you today about my story in the collection--Courting Disaster: Pets in Space 2.

First of all, the novella has a brand new cover! This won't be used for the Pets in Space 2 version, but for the future release of the story as a standalone after the Pets in Space collection has run its course. (The collection will only be on sale until the end of April 2018...and then it's gone forever.)

When that happens, the story will evolve. It will also drop it's "StarDog 2" subtitle and simply become Courting Disaster. Current plans are to expand it into a full-blown novel before it begins its solo flight at future date.

But I don't want to keep you in suspense, so first up, here's the shiny new art for Courting Disaster.

My cover artist is the amazing Danielle Fine and I absolutely love what she did here! Most of the story elements are captured, from Jagger's "greaseskins" (ragged civilian uniform), helmet and visor, to the uhh...let's be gracious and call it the "classic" exterior of starship Sheeban, to Ketsia's elegant black suit and the intuitive little StarDog curled up in her lap.

I also love how well it ties in with it's companion story, StarDog. (Cover shown below with other PISA2 bounty--keep reading.) I share a short excerpt from the story below.

More About the Pet in Courting Disaster

The pet in my story is a StarDog, the same bio-engineered little mischief-maker as the critter in my original story of the same name, StarDog.

This StarDog's name is Luna and here's a photo of her inspiration (and the real Luna in my life--who is currently curled up under my desk). In the story, the name "Luna" has a distinct connection to some of the history of the Inherited Stars Universe that also involves her genetic-sibling StarDog and predecessor, Katrina. (Some readers may remember Katrina from the first Pets in Space story.)

But Luna isn't a miniature longhaired dachshund like my Luna, she's an unique critter bio-engineered from dog-cat-weasel-mongoose DNA, created to serve as specialized mascots (and other more covert duties) on starships.

This is artist Nyssa Juneau's conceptual art of Luna the StarDog. She did a wonderful job of capturing the fictional version in pen and ink, as well as incorporating the real Luna's expression and markings.

But Luna is more than just a pet. More than just a mascot. She's got skills. And she demonstrates them in the story.

About My Story

For those of you who've read Inherit the Stars, Captain Navene Jagger returns in Courting Disaster, still living with past regrets.

He has survived lost love by transforming himself into a military space monk with his professional career his only true passion.

The ever-charming Ketsia Tayah, also returning from the novel, is now older, wiser and determined to overcome her own heart-breaking history. As luck would have it, her past is intertwined in some very painful ways with Jagger’s.

When their paths collide on a dangerous mission in the heart of the dark nebula known as the Bradley Rift, it feels like a match made in purgatory. They are soon forced to pose as mates and rely on each other for survival. But the feisty little StarDog who's along for the ride may be the root of a whole ship-load of trouble.

Courting Disaster is a tale of two lost souls finding redemption and a possible future together...if they can survive the present.

From Courting Disaster: StarDog2 (edited for space)

Ketsia took in the trim lines of the man’s uniform. Captain Navene Jagger cut quite the dashing figure in those threadbare coveralls. He looked every inch the outstanding officer she believed him to be. But she didn’t understand how she’d triggered such a negative reaction in the man that he’d stalked off the flight deck to escape her company.

Was it the fact she’d followed him? Or her childish admission that she remembered him from Spirit?

Hades, she’d obsessed over him. Watched him, and watched for him. Like some sad little orphan puppy pining for a glimpse of her hero.

Now the man seemed to resent who and what she was—or who she’d been—on some very deep level…but why?

And why summon her to the flight deck now? Unless he was looking for another fight.

“Have you ever seen the Rift?” he asked, without turning her way.

She pulled up short. “The Bradley Rift? You can see it?”

“At this distance, yes. It’s quite impressive. You might want to take a look.” He gestured to the monitor in front of the co-pilot console. “You won’t have this view once we’ve entered the region.”

She approached him with care in her step and in her tone. “Why is that?”

“The dust and gas clouds are only visible from a distance through Banshee’s filters. Once we’re inside the nebula, the particles will be too thinly disbursed to detect on the monitor even though they’ll obscure our scanners.”

Ketsia lifted off her helmet and peered at the screen before her, mesmerized by the images emerging from the swirling blue-green-red-violet chaos. “I see monsters.”

He managed an off-kilter smile. “Most people do.”

The man should smile more often. It was a nice look for him. Much nicer than the hard frown and harsh words she’d spent two days avoiding.

About Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2

The creative minds of today’s leading SFR authors have joined forces to bring readers 12 amazing, never before released original Science Fiction Romance stories all in one place – Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2! Join New York Times, USA TODAY, and Award-winning authors as they share stories and help out, a charity that supports our veterans!

and get it Tuesday!

This collection also includes new stories in many different established science fiction romance series such as the Stars Series, Sectors, and Dragonlords of Valdier. You can read more about how they are connected on this prior blog.

And Here There Be Treasures

And lastly, me buckos, I have some treats for all who've clung to the jib with me this far.

Pirates are a real threat in the Bradley Rift. But there's worst kinds lurking in the depths o' the dark nebula. If you want to earn your salt as a pirate, I've got some freebie bootie for you, right here. Just look at all these sparkly gems!

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FREE Pets in Space Coloring Book in downloadable PDF. Arrr, you be right, it's also a contest. But here be the difference -- everybody wins!

*peeks into her treasure trove* And what other loot might I glimpse that be lurking in the depths of this rusty old hull? Well, shiver me timbers, if it isn't another print copy of the collection (though unsigned, sadly). [EDITED TO ADD: SORRY, THIS PRINT COPY GIVEAWAY CLOSED AS OF MIDNIGHT 10/07/17.] If you be clever enough to have traveled the blog this far with me, it's yours for the taking provided you be the first to comment below and answer this riddle (arrr, nay, it's not a riddle at all, is it?): What nature of phenomenon is Bradley Rift? You may find yer clue in the prose above, mind you. I be lookin' for a pair o' words here as the key to the treasure.

I'll be back on Tuesday, October 10th, with our big release announcement. See you then. Arrrrrr!

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  1. Fun post - love all the "pirate swag"! I'll have to up my game now for sure LOL.

    1. LOL Thanks, Veronica. It was a fun post to put together.

  2. Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 launched this morning and is currently #2(!!!) on Amazon's HOT NEW RELEASES in SFR! *cheers* We have lift-off!


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