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Lea Kirk is here today to talk about her new release--Touch the Stars--that's coming as part of the Other Worlds boxed set of Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance novels and novellas. You can see a special cover for the story below. I asked her to tell me a little more about her story and the boxed set of novels and novellas.

Touch the Stars Blurb 

When her twin disappears without a trace, Kaitlyn Faulks can't accept that she's gone. In her heart, she knows her sister is alive out there, somewhere. One alien abduction later, Kait finds herself on a posh spaceship, the honored "guest" of a sexy seven-foot-tall alien of questionable sanity. He insists she's the heir to his "Star Empire" and that the fate of Earth, and the empire, depends on her compliance. What hooey.

Warrior Baatar must retrieve the Earth woman for the emperor. It is the only way to restore his family's honor and insure that they do not pay the ultimate price for his brother's treachery. But the future empress, Kaitlyn, is a difficult, wily female who challenges him at every opportunity. And Baatar begins to have doubts about the truth behind his mission.

As the stakes rise and the fate of an empire hangs in the balance, Kaitlyn and Baatar are thrust into a conflict decades in the making, where nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted.

Excerpt from Touch the Stars:

Weird images flashed through Kaitlyn’s mind. A giant of a man…a sheriff’s deputy…a flash of bluish light. Her body jerked, like it did when she slept through her alarm. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears as she gasped for air.

Had she overslept? Probably, because her goddamn bed had never felt so soft and comfortable. She blinked at the stark white ceiling once, twice, three times. Wait a minute. Her ceiling wasn’t white, it was sage green. And this was so not her bedroom. Her bedroom was full of furniture, mostly old, garage-sale deals she’d refinished herself. This place had no furniture at all, except for the bed. It did have gently blinking blue lights lining the walls at different intervals.

“Where in the hell am I?” And what was that humming sound? White noise or something?

Apaṇ graṇa samṭa cy corgaṭa kasagān rava jhāta,” a woman’s voice said.

“Eep!” Someone was in the room with her. She sat up, or tried to except she was strapped to a wide bed. “What the ever-lovin’ f**k?”

“You are aboard the Grand Emperor’s stealth class galaxy traveler,” the unseen woman said.

“The grand emperor of what?”

Nothing in this room looked even vaguely familiar. What the hell was going on? Oh! The gigantic man…alien…thing. He’d…shot her?

“Oh, for the love of god. Have I really been f*cking abducted?” Unbelievable, but not impossible. It did explain the stark, furnitureless room and the sporadically placed blinking blue lights on the walls.

Well, mostly furnitureless, except for the bed. Was she an alien sex slave now? The big guy was in for a shock if he thought she’d cooperate with that little fantasy. And apparently, he didn’t think it was necessary to restrain her completely. Mr. Alien Genius had left her hands free.

Big mistake, buddy.

She lifted her head, and a wave of dizziness crashed over her.

Okaaay, let’s just lay back down for a moment.

This always happened when she skipped meals. Inhale…exhale…repeat. Her hypoglycemic body was not going to let her down. It couldn’t, not this time. Her freedom was at stake.

Steak. Saliva filled her mouth. Oh, god, what she’d give for a nice, juicy, medium-rare steak. A low growl came from her stomach. “You’re not helping.” She ran her hands over the strap across her hips. No buckle, but there was something that felt like a tab. She slowly raised her head again. Yes, a blinking blue tab. She grasped it and gave it a yank.

Click. Pop.

The strap retracted over the edge of the bed and disappeared. That had worked? Okay, one down, two to go.

“Remain strapped in for your safety,” the voice said.

“My ass.” She repeated the process on the strap across her chest, then the one over her ankles.


So much better. Now to get out of here. It was probably too much to hope that the door would just open for her.

The entire room dropped like a rollercoaster in freefall. She flipped onto her stomach and dug her fingers into the mattress. The thin film of a blanket covering the bed bunched in her fists. A moment later everything stabilized again. Everything except her stomach, which threatened to expel all the nothingness that was in it.

She clenched her teeth together. “I hate roller coasters.” Which was weird because the rest of her family had loved those nauseating, head-jerking, puke-inducing rides.

The room tilted to her right. “Oh, shit, not again.”

She clawed at the blanket and dug-in with her sneakers against the slick material trying to get a grip as the room tilted farther. It was no use. The only thing she was accomplishing was pulling the useless excuse for a blanket loose.

I should have left the straps on.

If she had, she wouldn’t be sliding down the bed toward the wall that was now below her. Literally.

The bed cover came completely free. “No.”

The wall rushed up to meet her.

About the Author
Lea Kirk loves to transport her readers to other worlds with her science fiction and paranormal romances. She is the author of the popular SFR Prophecy series, and a Magic, New Mexico PNR story, Made for Her.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her wonderful hubby of twenty-seven years and their five kids (aka, the nerd herd).


Other Worlds:
A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance

Fierce Aliens.
Elite Hackers.
Dark Vampire Lords.

How can you fight the world's monsters when you're in love with one?

OTHER WORLDS takes you on a journey across the stars and plunges you into immortal realms, in a collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance that reaches beyond the boundaries of imagination.

Step into new worlds and distant universes, in 20 full-length novels and novellas, all contained in one limited edition box set overflowing with NEW STORIES from today's hottest USA Today and Award-Winning authors!

But grab it fast! This limited collection of Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance will soon be gone forever.

Barnes and Noble:
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And here's a fun bonus! You can get a FREE sneak peak at the beginning of all of the stories in Other Worlds via Instafreebie. << Just click there.

Many thanks to Lea for visiting today to share more about Touch the Stars and Other Worlds.

Now I've got some fun updates for you on our recent book release!
News Flash!

Would you like to win a Kindle Fire 7?

Bestselling author M.K. Eidem, one of the authors of Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 is holding a drawing for a brand new Kindle Fire 7 on her blog. All you need to do to enter is go to her website and answer one simple question (and I'm guessing there aren't really any wrong answers).

But here's the have to hurry! The drawing ends in just days! Here's the link:

Book Launch Update

Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 launched last Tuesday and my oh my, what a ride it's been! Readers have given us some wonderful reviews, and we're hoping we'll be able to do great things for our charity, Hero Dogs. I even got my esteemed Top 100 Paranormal Author ranking on Amazon as the book danced around at the top of several bestseller lists!

Some of the heights it reached:
#2 Hot New Releases
#3 Science Fiction Romance
#9 Paranormal Romance
and *drum roll* please
#281 overall
(of every book for sale on Amazon)

And the reviews have been equally awesome. Readers, we love you! Mwahhh!

Exciting News: Hero Dog Mitch!

As you probably know, Pets in Space 2 is donating 10% of all preorders and first month's profits to the amazing Hero Dogs.

Last year, during the launch of the original Pets in Space, as a special side project I "adopted" one of the Hero Dogs in training at the Hero Dogs headquarters in Maryland. His name is Mitch--short for Billy Mitchell--and I picked him out because he was one of my favorite breeds--a Labrador Retriever--he resembled our own Kiva (a yellow Lab) and he had the same name as the hero in my upcoming novel, The Outer Planets.

As part of the "adoption program," I made several donations toward Mitch's training and the amount of my donation increased every time someone commented on a post about Mitch.

Well, I've got some big news!

Mitch will be successfully graduating from the Hero Dogs training program on November 5th and he will be paired with a US Coast Guard veteran as a fully-fledged service dog! Hip, hip, hooray!

The Hero Dogs training program is very stringent and only a select few dogs who enter the program will successfully graduate as a service dog, so this was very important news indeed.

As one of Mitch's (many) sponsors, I was sent an invitation to the event, but alas it's far, far away and I won't be able to make the trip. But I will share the invitation with you here:

Please Join Us in Celebrating our 2017 Graduates

So three cheers for Mitch the Hero Dog! Job well done, boy, job well done!

We Got Blogs!

As part of the launch each author wrote a variety of blogs about our stories that got shared across the internet. Here are a few that I'm particularly proud of, and that will tell you so much more about my story--Courting Disaster--and its characters.

The Sheeban: Starship and Metaphor
A guest blog with bestselling author M.K. Eidem (Tornian SFR series) that explains how the "derelict" ship in the story is actually a metaphor for the hero, Captain Jagger.

Courting Disaster Release Day
Here I explain more about the hero and heroine--Jagger and Ketsia--as a guest of Lea Kirk, author of the popular Prophecy series.

Once Upon a StarDog
Fellow Pets in Space 2 author Jessica E. Subject hosted me for this blog that's all about StarDogs and how they've forever changed the Inherited Stars Universe.

Courting Disaster Cover Reveal and Excerpt
This blog from right here on Spacefreighters Lounge includes a cover reveal that will be the future cover for Courting Disaster after it's expanded to a novel. It also has a story excerpt, more about my pet--a StarDog--and a few other fun things to discover.

We also received this fabulous review from Riley at WWMB ReviewsCourting Disaster got a very nice mention in this one. Thank you, Riley!

I hope you'll check out all the links. I love getting deeper into the roots of the story and how it came to be.

Hope you all have a great week!

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