Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Countdown to #NorCon #cosplay

Nor-con is fast approaching - this coming weekend in fact, though we're only going on the Sunday - and one wall plus various corners of my front room currently look like a costume department.
For 13yo's Witch-king, I still need to find a way to attach the newly completed scabbard to his belt - the sword and rather terrifying flail were both built by my husband after he took on the non-fabric sections of the cosplay leaving me free to tackle modifying the cloak and making the sword belt. I've given up with making the gauntlets now.

I've also still got youngest's Mark II Luigi to finish as he outgrew the original. Eep.
In the meantime, I thought I'd take my Anakin cosplay up a notch with a wig, being as I didn't get time to make myself a new cosplay this year. But I think I'll have to stick with my blond spikes and padawan braid...
Hubs is actually dressing up too this year but I won't tell you as who. I'll post pictures after the con and maybe offer a little prize for the first person to get it. :P

Status Update
Unexpected is getting some final tweaks. Although it's scheduled for release as part of an anthology, the thought of not releasing a new title this year is making me twitchy. I haven't gone a year without publishing something new since 2011! So I may do a limited time run of it this month just because..

Chook Update
Fizzgig is finally regrowing her feathers, thought she's still showing a lot of blue pins rather than brown feathers. Here are my girls enjoying the very nice sunshine on my patio just moments ago (I'm also enjoying the sun as I type this, coffee in hand and back door open. I may have to take my hoodie off!

Chick Update
Marvel and Firefly are now a month old and adorably scruffy as they shed the last of their fluff for much needed feathers. This is probably our last chick adventure - we've discussed buying one day old sexed chicks and placing them under expert mama Effie but this relies on some being available at the right time ie when she's broody. Timing is everything. It's more likely we'll buy young hens in the spring once our new coop and run are done and egg laying season is upon us, and possibly a different breed from our usual Pekins.

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