Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#ThorRagnarok - A Hela Lot Of Fun #scifi

I'm going to straight out tell you I'm not a Thor fan, or a Chris Hemsworth fan. I'm not even a Loki/Hiddleston fan. I've watched the Thor films as part of the ongoing and soon to be amalgamated Marvel universe, but I definitely prefer GotG and Avengers (barring Civil War).

But I'll confess to being a tad more excited about Ragnarok. After all, the trailer had spaceships! There was much more of the GotG look to it, snippets of humour, and signs of Thor maturing and Loki's character developing, along with the chaotic relationship between the two siblings. Plus a villainess. Yup, I had high hopes.

And I wasn't disappointed. While the plot/storyline was maybe a bit shallow and the appearance of Dr Strange forcibly crowbarred in (why?!), Thor Ragnarok is a fun, action filled sci-fantasy romp around the Marvel Universe, a really bad ass villainess and heroine, a wonderfully camp and complex performance from Jeff Goldblum, a redeemed villain, and a couple of teasers in the end credits. Considering it was almost as long as Bladerunner 2049, it didn't feel like it. My only real complaint is the music also seemed to be trying for the cult status and popularity of GotG but felt like the creators had chickened out in the attempt and as a result missed the mark. Still, it leaves me with even higher hopes for Avengers: Infinity Wars. I wouldn't say no to seeing a Hela origin film though, with that battle against the Valkyries only hinted at as a flashback in Ragnarok. I'd give it four out of five blasts for action and fun, but maybe only three for the plot.
Plus we had trailers for Black Panther (already marked as a must see) and The Last Jedi (we already have our tickets) but I was surprised not to see one for Pacific Rim. I'll be passing on Justice League - DC just doesn't interest me in the same way as Marvel, despite Wonder Woman.

Status Update
Unexpected has now been out two weeks and received its first rating on Goodreads - 4*. Still waiting on some written reviews to know how its gone down with readers though.

A Scifi Romance Novella
Tomorrow sees the start of NaNoWriMo, and Hades help me but I've signed up. The itch to write has my fingers twitching to hit the keys, but my focus is mostly on easing back into the groove and playing with words, not on winning. I can't let myself hit burnout again, and with real life stable if uncertain, I need to take it easy. I have multiple short projects at various stages so I can switch around as needed, but I'm mostly hoping to finish up a collection of unpublished stories to make an anthology with my current ones. We shall see.
In the meantime I've already started work on next year's cosplay collection, including TWO for myself and one being a couples cosplay with hubs. I'm also cheating on another cosplay by buying in pieces rather than making them because of the complexities of the others (gimme a break!).

Chook Update
Last shot of Marvel
Marvel has gone to his new home, but Firefly and Pitch are staying in the nursery coop for now. I'd like Firefly to get a bit bigger before she has to deal with finding her place in the flock pecking order.
You can see how much smaller Firefly is than matriarch Scoop behind her!
Fizzgig now has a full set of feathers and has lost the robo-chicken look.
A fully feathered Fizzgig


Ping Pong
Congrats to the Pets in Space 2 crew on becoming USA Today bestsellers!

It's Halloween!
Okay, so in celebration of the holiday I have a post over at Romancing the Genres with five facts about my Halloween story Hallow's Eve (a sweet paranormal romance), and it's reduced to $0.99 (along with all my other short stories for the holiday).

A Paranormal Romance Short
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But if you're after something a bit more horrifying, there's always my two zombie stories. Happy Halloween!

A YA Zombie Novella
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YA Zombie Dystopia Novella
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