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Snippet Saturday -- Off on a Bad Foot

Welcome back for the second installment of Snippet Saturday. This week I'm featuring another passage from my story in the Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 collection which is now a USA TODAY Best Seller!

Last week, we found the hero and heroine of Courting Disaster had gotten off to a bit of a rocky start over the accommodations for the heroine's pet StarDog, Luna.

This passage is a continuation from the previous snippet, which you can read by clicking here.


The future cover of
Courting Disaster
“Right,” Jagger said, reaching for the crate. “We need to get underway. I can stow the animal while you get settled in your quarters.”

Now her black eyes snapped with alarm. “You won’t be stowing her anywhere. She stays with me. And her name is Luna.”

No Sundog—or whatever she’d called the creature—was going to have free run of his ship. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we have strict protocols regarding live cargo.”

“With all due respect, Captain, it seems your military protocols have been thoroughly dispensed with for this mission. Luna stays with me.”

So this beautiful face had a bite to it? He didn’t like making exceptions, but he owed a lot to Jaeo, and by extension, his family. Jagger backed off a step, dropping his voice a full octave to rumble, “Noted. I can allow it a trial, but if it causes any mischief, I’ll insist it be confined.”

She won’t be any trouble.” Ketsia lowered her head to soothe the creature in a voice soft with affection. “Will you, baby?” That gentle lilt caressed Jagger’s awareness like a whisper, making his imagination fire and his traitorous pulse rate spike.

Lock it down! He gave his face a mental slap. Even if women were still on your menu, this one is totally off-limits.

Ketsia lifted her chin, and her black gaze returned to his face. “So, as I understand it, we’re supposed to be married?”

Jagger managed not to choke on his tongue. “Pardon?”

“I was told in case of trouble, our story is that we’re Dallan and Adey Tion, a bonded pair of independent freighters, transporting seeds to the new colony on Arst.”

“Now there’s a brilliant cover.” Jagger huffed out a breath and donned his helmet, snapping the chin strap into place. Not bad enough that they’d given him a shoddy relic to fly, but they’d married him off, as well?

Ketsia lowered her head, but her eyes remained fixed on his faceplate. “They didn’t tell you this?”

“Only the essentials for now, due to the short window.” Jagger subconsciously ran a hand over the code card in the thigh pocket of his coveralls. As soon as they disembarked, he’d pull the datacube and get up to speed.

“Captain Jagger, am I to understand you don’t fully comprehend your mission?”

She was questioning his fitness? “Ms. Mennelsohn, if you have any doubts about my qualifications or my suitability—”

“It’s Ms. Tayah.”

“—then it’s your prerogative to request a different escort. But the truth is I’m woefully overqualified to carry out my orders.”

She lifted an eyebrow and crossed her arms. “I’m aware of your sterling qualifications, Captain.”

He returned her glare, satisfied the faceplate concealed the ire heating his face. She wouldn’t hear it in his words. “Further, Ambassador Mennelsohn specifically requested me for this duty.”

“Ambassador Gant. He hasn’t gone by Mennelsohn for many calendars.” She peered up at him dubiously.

He met her skepticism with a deep frown. “I’m aware of that.”

“Could you please take that off?” she asked quietly. “Because I feel like I’m talking to a machine.”

A machine, was he? With one quick swipe at the catch under his chin, Jagger clamped his hands on the sides of the helmet and lifted it free of his head, stowing it under one arm.

“I imagine—”

He savored the satisfaction of seeing her eyes widen and her mouth part slightly, truncating her thought.

His subspecies tended to sport sharp, pinched features and a pronounced beak for a nose. Jagger’s face was atypical for his kind. Most women found him attractive, and downright alpha when his eyes went stormy. Miss Rathskian Ambassador’s Daughter appeared to be no exception.

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Thanks for joining me for Snippet Saturday. I hope you enjoyed this snippet from Courting Disaster: StarDog 2. It's one of 12 science fiction romance stories in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 written by bestselling and award-winning authors. You can find it here:

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