Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Catching Up (or Where the Heck Have I Been?)

So sorry I've been quiet these past weeks. We have a lot going on in our lives (mostly good, but at times a bit of a drain on my time). No big news in my author's life at the moment but I am working on getting the next book "out there" in the near future (or as near as I can manage).

Courting Disaster (now officially dubbed "my problem child") is back from the first round of edits with my editor - on this version -  and still has some work ahead. The base story was originally released in the second Pets in Space volume back in 2017, but I felt it needed a lot more work and a lot more words before being published as a separate book. 

It's gotten both. It's about 30% longer and will probably earn the title of my "Most Edited Book" by the time I'm done. Meanwhile, the cover--which has been completed for about four years -- stands by ready for duty. :)

The reason I'm being so "perfectionist" with this book (moreso than usual) is that this story will set up the next novel, which will close out this timeline in the Inherited Stars Series. 

Not to worry, there are many more stories to come -- prequels and sequels and companion stories alike! (Now just to get them all written!)

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some excerpts and working on some graphics that I'll post here on The Firebird. They've been very popular in the past.

Meanwhile, have you read The Shell and the Star on this blog?  It's an aquatic Space Adventure Romance that takes place in the far future of the Inherited Stars Series. One thing it shares in common with Courting Disaster is Talstar Station. Readers might be surprised to find out that Talstar -- former HQ of the Carduwan Fifth Fleet and the Universal Flight Academy -- is still around in 50,000 years! 

Click here to start reading The Shell and the Star.


I'll post more soon. (Promise!)

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