Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Merry #ScifiRom Christmas #amwriting

It might still be November (just!) but I've already been preparing for Christmas - lots of school events to attend, pressies to buy before the rush, and all my social media to set on automatic while I take time off to spend with my family. And that last gave me an idea.
Every year I bemoan my inability to write holiday themed scifi romances. My mind has a real issue with the whole idea of Christmas in Space especially. So far I've published one Halloween paranormal romance short, while my winter SFR WIP has become more of an SF mystery with a mere trace of romantic elements, and my Easter spoof SFR remains unfinished.
A Paranormal Romance Short
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So this year, when the SFR Brigade Showcase announced a special holiday edition with a giveaway, I finally decided I was just gonna have to do something Christmassy whether muse liked it or not. And so, last week, I began writing a Christmas short story for Keir and Quin (she's an early 21st century girl, so she's at least familiar with the concept of Christmas even if Keir isn't, lol). What do you think of the cover? I'm trying for an old fashioned Christmas card look.
It'll be a free short to be given away during the SFR Brigade Holiday Showcase on the 15th-19th of December. And you won't even have to do anything to get it (although if you haven't read book one and two of my Redemption series then: 1. You might not have a clue what's happening and who anyone is and, 2. If you haven't read book two, then potential spoilers, since there'll be a couple of characters you won't have met in book one. (Sorry!)
To be honest, I'm mostly excited about the fact that I actually want to write after a long period of not even missing it, so this is a good sign. I'm already 3K in, so I'm thinking this might hit the 4-5K mark (so it won't be my shortest piece). It'll be a downloadable pdf for the event, and I'll even throw in my recipe for blue star cookies (which make an excellent Christmas treat or even a decoration for your tree). In case you need the sales links for the two main books (and to help pay for my cosplay addiction Christmas dinner next round of edits), here they are:
A Science Fiction Romance Novel

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A Science Fiction Romance Novel
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Spent all your book budget on Christmas presents? Pick over 100 FREE science fiction and fantasy books (including several scifi romances) on the 3-4th of December from multiple online retailers. Click HERE.
The SFR Brigade Holiday Showcase starts 15th of December, and so far there are about 17 authors all set to dazzle you with their posts and give you some early Christmas presents. Don't miss out!

Status Update
I'm writing again! As I mentioned above, I'll be preparing a Christmas themed short for Keir and Quin from my time travel romance series, Redemption. I'm still poking at Keir's Shadow which is promised for next year. I'll also be winding down my social media ready for the Christmas break.

Chook Update
My girls are not really enjoying the weather, but at least their new coop has more shelter. Here's a couple of pictures. Pitch has undergone quite a transformation with her winter plumage, going from black with small white speckles to big white splotches. Maybe she thought the snowflake pattern would give her better camouflage for winter, lol.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Inherited Secrets: A Man Called Jaeo

This is the second installment in my Inherited Secrets blog series, which talks about connections and shared plot elements in the various Inherited Stars Series books. My last blog was titled Blame it on Dartis. Today I take a closer look at a man called Jaeo.

Jaeo Gant is an important character in both StarDog and Inherit the Stars. (His first name is pronounced Jay-oh.) He is a mature, fair-haired and fit, with a sometimes domineering personality, often mistaken for a man much younger than his 45-ish years.

In Inherit the Stars, Commodore/Captain Jaeo Gant is introduced as a bit of a presumed-rival-turned-foil of the hero, Sair. Sair is a Rathskian who was enslaved by Ithis as part of a treaty between the two allies. But he escaped and is now on the run.

As fate would have it, the ship that Sair makes his escape on is none other than Specter. And as the popular saying goes, "The rest is history." Specter is a very special high-tech prototype designed by Zaviar Mennelsohn, and is central to the plot of Inherit the Stars as well as making a significant cameo in StarDog.

Jaeo's animosity toward Sair is deep-rooted. Something happened a year before Inherit the Stars story opens that tore Jaeo's life apart and put him at odds with the Ithian Alliance--and vice versa.

His animosity toward the Alliance goes double for Rathskians--who make up one half of the Alliance. So his immediate reaction toward Sair is one of bone-deep mistrust and suspicion.

StarDog takes place six moons (months) before Inherit the Stars, and so in reference also just six months after that tragic incident in Jaeo's life took place. He's a man still reeling from both the incident and the aftermath. Though a brief description of what happened is mentioned as part of Jaeo's history in Inherit the Stars, it has much more to do with the plot of StarDog.

From Inherit the Stars

Sair carried the freight lading device to the kitchen manager, passing by the door to the main room of the lounge. Words of a conversation filtered into the kitchen from a pair seated at the bar. “…it was the cap’s wife. Rathski’ns took her apart with laze-saws. Happened last calendar. On his old ship.”

Sair held his breath, straining to hear more over the din of voices, sliding chairs, and shuffling feet. He angled his right ear toward the door, concentrating.

“Damn Rathski’n wreckface bastards,” another man snarled. A tankard was brought down on the bar with a loud thud. “Why’d they do her, then?”

“Somethin’ about the Wisdom’s cap refusin’ a board. Teach ‘im a lesson.”

“Some lesson, disectin’ a man’s wife. Wreckface devils oughta all burn.”

“An’ scorch the Ithi’ns with ’em.”

“Aye, that,” a dozen low voices responded.

Jaeo is also very suspicious of Tectolian hero Taro Shall in StarDog, because he immediately suspects Taro is hiding an important bit of information. Jaeo's instincts are dead-on. Taro is hiding something, and what he conceals puts the two men at odds.

From StarDog (Pets in Space):

“Answer me, Mr. Shall, or I’ll have no choice but to call in my interrogator,” Gant warned. “Believe me when I tell you, you want to avoid that.”

“Why does it matter to you how she got here?”

“What matters is the truth. What have you been doing the last few moons, Taro Shall? Because there’s no record of you working as a navigator. There’s no record of you at all. Who are you mixed up with and what plot are you hatching?”

“There is no plot,” Taro said flatly.

“Then why don’t you just tell me the truth?”

Taro’s hands tightened into fists. “Because it’s none of your business.”

Gant stiffened, moving to stand over Taro. “Believe me, it is my business."

In spite of his penchant for getting off on the wrong foot with the heroes, Jaeo is destined to be a hero in his own story, tentatively titled The Crucible. This novella will fall after Inherit the Stars in the timeline, but before Inherit the Vengeance--another full length novel in the series. He'll also play a role in another planned Inherited Stars story with the working titled of Honor and Duty.

That's a lot to absorb, so let me sort that out visually:


Rathskians board Jaeo's ship, Phantom

StarDog -- Takes place six moons (months) after the tragic incident with the Rathskians

Inherit the Stars -- Begins six moons after StarDog and one calendar (year) after incident

The Crucible (WIP) -- Jaeo's story. Takes place in the aftermath of Inherit the Stars

Honor and Duty (WIP) -- Begins a few calendars after The Crucible. Jaeo is important to the story.

Inherit the Vengeance -- Begins with a wedding seven calendars after Inherit the Stars. Jaeo will play an important role in the story, which includes a resolution to events in StarDog, and a shocking reveal about what took place when the Rathskians boarded his ship.

So it's quiz time. As with our last quiz, there may be a prize for a random commenter who provides the correct answer.


For those who've read either StarDog and Inherit the Stars, something important about Jaeo's background is revealed in both stories:

Jaeo Gant is an assumed name. What is Jaeo's actual last name? (And for bonus points, why is it important?)

Friday, November 25, 2016


Hey, y’all! Doing your Christmas shopping today? Here’s a bright, shiny new prezzie to add to your list—the holiday-themed SFR anthology Baby It’s Cold in Space launches today!  

My Interstellar Rescue-universe novella “Saturday Night in Devils Holler” is one of eight exciting stories in this multi-author anthology from Bathory Gate Press. Other contributors include Margo Bond Collins, Blaire Edens, Jayne Fury, Erin Hayes, Rosalie Redd, Diane Rivis and Selene Grace Silver.

Here’s the blurb:

Travel off-planet for the holidays. Set thrusters to max with these steamy science fiction romance stories by eight exciting authors. Each SFR novella in this anthology delivers the perfect holiday gift--love--to warm readers during the coldest season of the year.

Limited time offer from New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors of fast-paced science fiction romance!

Note that last line—this collection is only available FOR A LIMITED TIME! So get yours NOW from AMAZON.

Happy Holiday Reading!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Book 2 of the Covalent series is here

The Pain Season by Libby Doyle

The Covalent Series Book 2

Release Date: October 31 2016

Page Length:  351 pages

ASIN for Amazon ebook: B01M0ISS3Z

Publisher: Fairhill Publishing LLC


Tonight’s the night. Rainer Barakiel is going to tell me all his secrets. I thought I’d be excited, but I feel like someone shoved a knife into my gut.

Heh. Fitting, considering I met Rainer because of his expertise in edged weapons. The daggers used in that ritual sacrifice became our best lead thanks to him. What kind of omen is it, that I met the love of my life because someone found a human spleen in the bushes?

I didn’t expect someone like him. When he opened his door I couldn’t talk, I was so stunned. God, how I flirted with him. Hell of a way for an FBI agent to act. This whole relationship is a hell of a way for an FBI agent to act. I didn’t want to face that he was hiding things from me.

What if he has something to do with this murder?

I’m being paranoid. He’s denied being a criminal and I believe him. I don’t see how my instincts could be so wrong. He can’t be bad. He can’t.

He’s hiding things from me, but he loves me. I feel it. Maybe he didn’t expect to fall in love with me, but he did, and now he wants out. He’s going to confess, leave it all behind. For me.

I wonder, after he tells me all his secrets, will this become a wacky story we love to tell? Or a story I tell only to myself, alone in a stale-smelling apartment, stewing in pain? The story of how my heart got damaged beyond repair.

WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, and explicit sex. Adults only, please. Although not a cliffhanger, this is not a stand-alone novel. The story began in The Passion Season, and will continue in The Vengeance Season.

Excerpt – Autumnal Equinox – Chapter 1

Set up: Barakiel, a superhuman warrior from another dimension, has just killed a gang of demons who attacked Zan O’Gara, the woman he loves. This shocking introduction to his true identity made Zan run away, but not before she called 911 and made a stand against the demons. Being an FBI agent, she was armed. She killed two of the beasts, but the gunfire resulted in another 911 call. Barakiel became catatonic in the wake of an emotional scene with Zan. The police arrived, and were handled by Pellus, Barakiel’s trusted friend. Pellus is a traveler adept, a type of Covalent who can manipulate the properties of matter and energy.


In a few minutes, Pellus heard the crunch of gravel in the driveway. He looked through the peephole as two police officers emerged from their vehicles, one tall and fat, the other short and muscular. They looked around suspiciously. Pellus thought it best to play a frightened senior citizen, so he adopted the dry, gray hair and shriveled skin of an old human. He opened the side door.
“Officers. I am so glad you are here! I thought I heard gunfire.”
“Yes, sir,” the short one said, as the other headed to the main building and peered in the window. “We received a couple of emergency calls. A woman said she was being attacked at this address, then a few minutes later someone reported shots fired.”
“No woman lives here officers. Maybe she is somewhere nearby.”
“Did you see anyone in your yard?”
“No, but I was afraid to look out.”
“Could you tell where the shots were coming from?” the officer asked, as his tall colleague rejoined them.
“No, I am sorry. It was confusing. They seemed like they were coming from everywhere.”
The two of them stepped away to confer. They obviously didn’t think Pellus could hear them. The tall one told the short one that he couldn’t see anyone in the house. He said the owner was obviously rich, and that the place would appeal to a burglar or a home invader. They stepped back to Pellus.
“Are you sure you didn’t see anyone?”
“Yes, I am sure.”
“Is this your place?”
“No. My nephew’s. I am watching it for him while he is away on a business trip.”
“Your nephew,” said the short one. He poked at a handheld device for a minute or two. “Uh, records show this place is owned by B&P Bridesburg, Ltd. What’s that?”
“My nephew’s company. His name is Rainer Barakiel.”
“Does he own a gun?”
“Not that I know of.”
“What’s with the get up?” asked the tall officer, pointing at Pellus’ brown robes.
“I am from Kyrgyzstan. This is how we dress at home.”
The officer frowned. “Mind if we look around?” he asked.
“Please do.” They headed toward the back of the main building, where the yard was sunk in darkness. Pellus followed. As they neared the edge of the building, the adept noticed goldish glints of color in the grass. For a moment, he was confused. Then he realized.
Shell casings from the gunfire!
He began to cough violently and stumble. The officers stopped walking. The short one grabbed Pellus’ arm.
“Are you all right, sir?”
Pellus waved him off and faced the back of the yard, his hand to his chest. He continued to cough and tremble. It gave him the chance to adjust his vision so he could see molecular structure of the cursed bits of metal against the structure of the grass and soil. He bent forward, pretending to catch his breath as he broke the bonds that held the metal in the form of shell casings. Tiny shards of metal remained in the grass.
I can only hope they do not notice. I have no time for anything else.
“Are you sure you’re all right, sir?” the short officer asked.
“Yes, please. Just give me a moment.”
Although it took much longer than Pellus would have liked, the short officer waited next to him, perhaps afraid he would keel over. The tall one walked over to the hedges that grew next to the compound wall and peered up at the elevated pipeline that ran along the south side of the property, a remnant of the chemical plant that had once operated there.
“I am sorry,” Pellus said when he had finished. “I will be fine. Do what you need to do.”   

Find the book and the series at:


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About the Author

Libby Doyle is an attorney and former journalist who took a walk around the corporate world and didn’t like it. She escapes the mundane by writing extravagant yarns, filled with sex and violence. She loves absurd humor, travel, punk rock, and her husband. Discover more at http://libbydoyle.com/index.html

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