Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally! SFR from Barbara Elsborg!

As a Beta reader of Barbara Elsborg's LUCY IN THE SKY, I've been anxiously awaiting the release announcement so I could plaster it all over this blog. It's here! LUCY IN THE SKY will be Barbara's ONLY Science Fiction Romance/Erotica released to date.

Barbara (who we've nicknamed "The Phenom") has sold or released at least a dozen novels in the last eighteen months, mainly with Ellora's Cave and Loose Id and has consistently received four and five star reviews. She also gets outstanding covers, and LUCY (IMHO) is yet another. See if you don't agree.

Here's the blurb on "LUCY":

"When you wake up to find a spaceship in your backyard, what do you do? Choose from three:

Phone the police.


Go yell at the alien for wrecking your garden.

Lucy storms out of her house to confront the inept pilot and the last option turns out to be both the right and wrong choice when she finds the gorgeous hunk’s name is Three. She’s torn between fury that he’s not only crushed her roses but decapitated her statue of Eros, and a longing that he enliven her boring life and whisk her to the stars. Three doesn’t give her a choice when he throws her over his broad shoulders and takes her into space. Lucy soon finds herself exploring alien territory in ways she never imagined.

Three’s efforts to hide and protect her on the mother ship are stymied by his inability to keep his hands—and other body parts—off the luscious Lucy, and it looks as if her immediate fate might be a solo trip into space without a spacesuit."

Reader advisory: Contains male/male sex scenes.

Let me add my own comments to the above. LUCY IN THE SKY is a unique blend of Barbara Elsborg's trademark humor, a fun space adventure filled with imaginative characters, situations and suspenseful action, all combined with a spontaneous and incredibly tender (and very HOT!) romance. Lucy is identifiable and endearing and Three is one of the most compelling SFR erotica heroes ever. If you like your SFR with extreme steam, don't miss LUCY IN THE SKY.

Intrigued? Want to see more? Read the excerpt here , then mark your calendar for October 21st.


  1. WOW! Insert cartoon wolf with eyes bugging out and tongue hanging down (in this case female wolf--never saw one in the cartoons but you get the picture!) Am I onboard for THIS space adventure. Congrats to Barbara for her latest publishing credit. (Did you say dozens?)

  2. Congratulations, Barbara!

    (btw, the excerpt link doesn't go to the excerpt)

  3. Oh yeah, love the cover.
    And the book's great too.
    Congrats, Barbara.

  4. LOL, Donna and Sharon.

    OK, the links have been fixed. Not sure what happened there. Thanks, Heather.

    Donna, I counted a dozen by Barbara:

    Perfect Timing
    Something About Polly
    The Consolation Prize
    Lightning in a Bottle
    Falling for You
    The Power of Love
    Anna in the Middle
    Susie's Choice
    Doing the Right Thing
    Outcasts (not yet released)
    Strangers (not yet released)
    Lucy in the Sky

    I think there's probably a few I missed, though. And yes...I've read them all! :)

  5. The cover is great. And the book is amazing. Good job, Barbara.

  6. Thanks, guys. I had a lot of fun writing this story. Creating sci fi -er - thingies - see how articulate I am? - didn't come naturally to me, but once I got into the flow - hey, what fun to create that sort of world! new words, new types of people, think I might have another go.
    Thanks to Laurie - my publicist extraordinaire.

  7. Ohhh, did you say another go? :) Can't wait to see another from you, Barbara.


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