Monday, October 4, 2010

Longshots and Inspiration

This last week has brought me some major inspiration on two fronts (and boy, did I need it!)

First of all, there was an absolutely fascinating, mesmerizing interview with JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter phenom, on Oprah Winfrey. This famous author's road to success was not a rocket launch, it was a two-track as rocky and doubt-strewn as any other writer's and one that left her totally unprepared for being thrust into the white hot spotlight of success. If you missed the episode you can see it again on YouTube in several parts. Well worth the time investment to hear the heartfelt words of the most successful author in history. Here's the opening:

That was Monday. On Saturday, I was lucky to snag a couple of tickets to the sneak peek of Secretariat. As a lifelong fan of the horse and the former owner of several of his direct descendents, I admit it would have been hard for me not to like it. Like was an understatement, I was blown away. I wasn't alone. At the end of movie, the theatre erupted in enthusiastic applause. It's been a long time since I've seen that happen.

This film isn't really about the horse, or horseracing, or the history of an exceptional athlete, it's about a woman who went after an impossible dream regardless of ridicule, doubt, roadblocks, and cost to her personal esteem. I read the novel this movie is based on and thought I knew everything about Penny Chenery-Tweedy and her quest. I was so wrong. I think any writer will completely connect to this tale and the emotional toll that often comes before success. Here's the trailer:

So hats off to two very inspiring stories at a time when a little encouragement meant everything to me.  I hope you have time to view one or both!  :)


  1. Thanks, Laurie, for giving us all a shot in the arm today. JK Rowling's story is certainly an inspiration to all writers who don't quite fit the mold. Someone out there will see what you see and, maybe, a LOT of someones will love it when given the chance.

    Here in Virginia, of course, SECRETARIAT is bound to have big play. The Virginia State Fair is now held on the grounds of the former farm where the famous horse was born, just a few miles where I used to live in Caroline County.

  2. Ah JK - she's quite a character! I have a feeling she's an intensely private person and we don't see the real her - ever. It must have been a huge amount for her to cope with though - as she says - no help for her as a writer when others are coached on how to deal with the media. Oh, I should be that lucky!! (Or talented!!)


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