Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sharon's Journal

Apparently I'm not so good at this journal thing. How many weeks have I missed? Anyhow, let's see if I can catch up...

Actions I've taken as a writer. Where am I? What am I doing?

On the writing front not much has changed...For the foreseeable future, will be buried in a read-through/revision pass of GHOST PLANET. This pass has been interesting, though. It's been over a year since I read it, and since then I have completed a second project and started a third.

The objectivity this has given me is AWESOME. I think I've made some real improvements to dialog especially. (I'm no longer so in love with my own wording!) And I've clarified backstory a bit, which I think will enrich the story overall. The drawback is I'm struggling to find a rhythm. I tinker with bits of wording for far too long. And I have this funny, tentative feeling..sort of waiting to fall back in love with my characters. Worried me at first, but then I realized the same thing happened when I tried to shift from writing GHOST PLANET to ECHO 8...

New authors, cool web sites, great resources, great workshops

This week I was contacted by a Danish student of Library Sciences who is researching the Sci-Fi Romance subgenre and community. (Interesting!) He sent me a handful of very insightful questions. He is hoping for participation from both writers and nonwriters. Are you an SFR fan/reader who doesn't write? If so, and if you'd be willing to answer a few questions, please post in the comments, or email me at info @ 

The latest buzz. Submission calls. New publishers. Industry changes. Inspirational sayings or quotes for writers. And our take on them.

One of my Ruby sisters (also an RWA chapter-mate of Laurie's), Shea Berkley, has just sold a fantasy novel to Entangled Publishing. They have a very interesting model. Check out their Web site and Facebook page, but here is an excerpt...

Founded by industry-savvy authors and backed by a successful media corporation, Entangled Publishing utilizes a bold new business model to bridge the gap between traditional and indie publishing, giving our authors the best of both worlds. We implement the agency model across all departments at Entangled, which means everyone from the copy editor to the marketing director has a financial stake in your book.
In other words, we don’t make money unless you make money. Lots of it.

Random Distractions
'Nuff said 

Part of the reason I've been AWOL is, in celebration of my recent sale and Golden Heart final, I took my first vacation in more than two years. Two weeks in Costa Rica. We had an amazing time. Here is a photo of me and my fella.,.well, sort of. You will have to use your imagination. ;) Sure wish I always looked that relaxed.

But writers are never fully on vacation. While on a Monteverde Cloud Forest walk, I learned about a plant that has a symbiotic relationship with a specific bug. Basically keeps the bugs happy inside a flower "hotel" by giving them drugs. When the flower drops off, the bugs stumble out with a massive hangover. They're addicted to the drug and immediately go out looking for a new flower...voila, pollination! Some form of this is definitely going to show up in my new novel.

Ping Pong
We'll comment back to our co-bloggers on things they've posted on their journals.

@Donna - Really enjoyed reading your post while on my vacation:

Top 5 ways to guarantee romance readers will hate your SFR novel

@Laurie - So, what's the dress decision?????

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  1. Welcome Back!

    Oh, the pic is lovely. Even if we can't really see the new beau!

    Hooray, for Shea! This was such exciting news. That Entangled is a very interesting publisher, que no?

    I'll definitely drop you a line about the Danish student's SFR study. And help get the word out, too!

    *Sigh* No decision on the dress yet. The voting is about even I'm afraid. Hopefully one will pull in the lead soon!


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