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Exploring the Inherited Stars Worlds - Part II

Last week I published a blog that discusses a little about the origins of my Inherited Stars universe. It's an especially helpful topic for my upcoming release, Juggernaut, which will be part of the Pets in Space® 5 collection.

If you missed my first installment of Exploring the Inherited Stars Worlds - Part I, just click the link to read more about how the Inherited Stars were essentially, well...inherited. The focus of the blog is on planet Draxis...later renamed LaGuardia according to the planet's history (though the validity of that history is being challenged by their foes). 

Ah yes, the foes.

No series is complete without proper villains to terrorize and antagonize, and in the Inherited Stars Series the evil-doers are called the Ithian Alliance. 

The worlds of the Alliance (or Ithian Alliance) is made up of a joint coalition between two worlds, Ithis and Rathskia. Here's a little more about them.


Ithis, and some of its more powerful leaders, are often the villains of my series stories. (Although, Ithians can surprise you! Not every Ithian turns out to be a bad guy!) 

Here's the background of about the planet Ithis:

Environment: The inhabitable areas of Ithis (most found in a wide band centered on the planet's equator) are temperate with a climate similar to the UK or upper Mid-West in the USA. Though seasons vary, it's not extreme. They enjoy a short summer, short winter and longer, somewhat dreary Spring and Fall seasons. The Ithian skin pigment tends to be much paler than their Draxian ancestors (who they deny existed), but they are often fair-haired like their predecessors.

History: Ithians have evolved to be tall, averaging seven feet (or foot-spans in the universe language). They evolved from a specific group of Draxians (which they also now deny) and their settlement of Ithis was difficult and filled with sacrifice and controversy, but eventually--some thirteen centuries later--they rose to be a dominant culture with far-reaching influence. not unlike Rome in its day. And like Rome, they have some horrific practices that arose as an offshoot of their pioneering days on Ithis. Though they didn't feed their enemies to lions or slaughter them by the scores as a morbid spectator event, their practices are equally chilling. Like Rome, they also have an appreciation for the finer things in life, like good food, wine, poetry, music, art and other niceties of an advanced society. 

Politics: The Ithians are the powerhouse culture in the known galaxy and are in the process of systematically subduing the governments or multi-governments of all other inhabited planets. Their tactics in the era where the Inherited Stars series books is set have become increasingly domineering and intrusive. The have denounced the generally accepted history of the known galaxy--the original human colonists arriving from a planet called Old Earth via a spatial vortex, as false and silly legend with no basis in truth. Citizens of Ithis claims their planet was the cradle of human civilization and any other claims are false legends.


Rathskia is probably the better known planet of my diabolic duo of worlds that make up the Alliance, but there are several main characters in my series that are either full-blooded Rathskian or half-Rathskian and are decidedly good guys ("guys" not being gender specific). Generally seen as aggressive, heartless monsters, they can have a more genial nature if not raised under the demanding influences of their culture, where horrible facial scars called kinsmarcs are inflicted as a badge of honor and sign of authority. This horrific disfiguring has given the Rathskians the unflattering nickname of "wreck-face" (usually used in connection with some colorful expletives). 

Environment: Warmer, less green and more mountainous and rocky than Ithis's literally greener pastures. Hotter, harsher climate than most of the other worlds in the known galaxy.

History: The Rathskians also evolved from a specific group of Draxians, but are genetically different than the Ithians. They tend to have dark skin pigmentation, black hair, are powerfully built and though they grow tall, they aren't as tall as their paler, slighter allies. 

Politics: The Rathskians are allies to Ithis in name only, as Ithis still requires tributes from the planet and uses the Rathskian military as their henchmen or enforcers. Their shared history is entangled and complex, and ancient tradition reinforces the Rathskian commitment to side with Ithis. Rathskian nobility claims to be descended from elite, highly-skilled Duumarakhan warriors who once served the Ithian predecessors, and Rathskians still honor the obligations of their warrior-class fore-bearers. 

The male descendants of a single Duumarakhan male--often referred to as the Holy T'mar--have ruled Rathskia for its entire history. Rathskian's fierce pride in their past is a point of contention with their Ithian ally, who denounces any history that doesn't recognize Ithis as the first planet where humans evolved.

To say these two societies are uneasy allies would be a huge understatement! Ithis and Rathskia definitely share a love/hate relationship. 

This turbulent backstory figures into the plot of Juggernaut as well as interweaving some of the history from previous books. It is the earliest story to date on the Inherited Stars timeline, taking place about five calendars (years) before the events in the anchor novel, Inherit the Stars.

Juggernaut will release on October 6, 2020 in the upcoming Pets in Space® 5 but the collection is available for preorder now! Just click here to learn more and see the list of available vendors:


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  1. Love the backgrounds and the world building! So much fun!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! It's been fun slowly revealing this history through my books.


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