Friday, March 27, 2009

April Fools!...A Little Early

Here in New Mexico, it's been spring for about four weeks now. Tulips are blooming, trees are flowering or leafing out, it's been sunny and warm. But...

Every year Nature likes to play a little April Fool's Day joke on us. It's a part of the cycle of life in the high desert/southern Rockies and as dependable as Old Faithful. As April 1st approaches, so does the onset of our last major blizzard of the year. I've been waiting for Mother Nature to have her last laugh for the last several days now.

Guess what? Good morning from a winter wonderland. :)

Looking out at my window, there's at least eight inches of snow piled up on my patio furniture. My patio pear tree, already in full bloom, is now covered with little cotton balls of snow. Gorgeous. And yay! A current two hour delay and possible snow day at work. And...Brrrrrr!

It's too dark yet for pics, but I'll try to snag some to post later.

Happy Friday and TGIF.

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