Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time for a Refit!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Celebration 10,000 drawing last week. As we blast off toward our next 10,000 hits, Spacefreighters is adding a new dimension. No, not that kind of dimension. Three's enough for now, thanks.

But mayhaps you noticed the larger font? We're going to try this out, making future posts easier to read. You're not the only ones getting eye strain from the tiny default font on the dark background, let me tell ya.

*slips off her reading glasses and sighs in appreciation*

We may experiment with a lighter background, but we'll save that for a future rainy day...or would that be a meteor shower?

Next, Spacefreighters has finally hired some staff. We'll now have two hosts--our lovely(?) 'tenders--Fax and Benna. They'll be serving up virtual Billins and sharing gossip, news and rumors with you, in uniquely Fax and/or Benna style. And they'll be pointing out some of the patrons who wander into Spacefreighters from time to time, including several of the characters from my novels. They may also share a bit of backstory, legend or infamy or whisper a few juicy details they've heard. There could even be a few surprise characters from other novels you know and love...or those you may get to know in the future (if their authors grant them shore leave, of course).

After all, who better to give you the lowdown on SF/F characters than the bartenders at one of the galaxy's favorite watering holes?

So stop back often and catch the latest chatter from Fax and Benna.


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