Friday, October 23, 2009

What Scares You?

A countdown of the eight top (weird) things that scare me:

Number 8.
Turning on the water faucet and having no water come out. When you're on a well, and not on a water system, that's a very, very bad thing guaranteed to elevate the heart rate.

Number 7.
Gamma Ray Bursts. Anything that can arrive without warning, burn off the ozone layer, liquefy the crust and destroy most, if not all, life on Earth is right up there with turning on the tap and having no water come out. ;)

Number 6.
Rattlesnakes. Because I've met a couple in person. And trust me, that raspy-rattley sound they make with hissing accompaniment is guaranteed to make your hair stand on end. :0

Number 5.
Waking up and finding out I'm back in high school. Yeah, ok. Nuff said.

Number 4.
Lobsters. They're just...creepy!

Number 3.
Great White Sharks. Um, I live in the desert, so that's kind of in the phobia class. Lobsters are too, I guess.

Number 2.
Clothes with a lot of buttons. I don't know why but it totally freaks me out to be buttoned up with 50 odd little buttons. My wedding dress had a ton of buttons. I almost got married in my skivvies. It took a rational Mom to keep me from ripping it off and running away screaming. It had nothing to do with David. Really!

Number 1.
Sinkholes. Just...because. Who wouldn't be afraid of big spontaneous holes that swallow houses and just...happen. Anywhere.


  1. Sharks - yep, with you there.
    Snakes - any sort particularly since I saw a film where they sort of flew across a room. I don't think about Anaconda if I can help it.
    In fact I think it's sudden movements that scare me - I'd be okay if I saw a snake slither so long as it was out of attack distance. It's the sudden launch at me I fear. So anything that moves fast is out. A herd of rhinos. Lions, tigers, oh dear - I fear the list is endless and I have to include sheep - have you seen them run!!

  2. LOL Barbara. From your opening scene in PERFECT TIMING and a couple of others in novels that haven't been released yet, I could have guessed that "sheep" were pretty high on your list. :)

    (Still love that scene with the rose. You know which one I mean. ;) )

  3. Spiders and scorpions - neither of them move right. And those pasty-faced little girls they seem to put in all the horror films now.

  4. LOL Sharon. You're right! I guess even horror icons run in trends.


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