Monday, July 9, 2012

Shore Leave, Spacefreighters Style

Mission Success
Laurie's Journal

Things are going to get reaaaaaally quiet around here for the next few weeks. Donna and I are soon off to Anaheim--where Sharon will join us later in the week--for the Big Event of the Year, the RWA National Conference. We'll be in full preparation for launch the next couple of weeks, so we're leaving Pippa Jay to entertain you with her wonderful posts and journal entries. Thanks, Pippa!

But back to Nationals. This year it's going to be in Anaheim, California--otherwise known as Disneyland Territory. We had such a fabulous time two years ago in Orlando at Disney World, that I kinda have a feeling this conference is going to be epic (as Sair would say).

*whistles California, Here I Come*

In addition to the usual Golden Heart hoopla--meeting my fellow Firebirds as a group, the TGN Retreat, Champagne Reception, and all the glitz and glamour of the Awards ceremony, this year I'll have some additional events to look forward to.

Meeting my Agent
Though we've talked on the phone and chatted in emails, this will be my first opportunity for a face-to-face with Amanda Luedeke of MacGregor Literary. I'm really looking forward to the chat/game plan discussion/getting-to-know-you session. Heck, I'm still getting over the excitement of being able to say "I have an agent." (Pssst. Amanda is taking pitches at Nationals this year, so if you haven't signed up yet, look for her name. And BTW, she loves SFR!)

The Golden Network Hall of Gold 
This is an exclusive club for those writers who have been finalists in the Golden Heart three or more times. I'll be joining Sharon on that very short roster, and Donna, I fully expect to see you inducted next year. (Better get that third novel in shape. hehe)

A (First Ever) Awards Ceremony Afterparty
Many thanks to Samhain Publishing (who publishes Barbara Elsborg and many of my peers at the SFR Brigade) for the invitation and for beginning what I hope will be an annual tradition. The RITA/Golden Heart Awards are often compared to the Academy Awards and now they're even going to have a bonafide afterparty, just like Big Sis. Trust me, it's always such a let down when the awards close out the conference and everyone begins to disburse to pack and fly home, not to be together again as a group for a whole year. The Samhain afterparty will be a chance to say our congrats, our attagirls, our "it's been great getting to know you's" and our *sniff* so longs. This year will be particularly painful for me, since I don't plan to attend Nationals in 2013. Two years? Two years without seeing this fun, high-energy, amazing crowd of talented writers? I'm going to need a party!

I may pop in a time or two before I jet off to Southern Cal, but this will most likely be my last journal entry before then (unless, you know, something really historic happens in my career).

See ya on the flip side!

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  1. Have a great time! Eek, now I'm flying solo. O.o

  2. Good luck, Laurie and have a fabulous time. Donna too!!! Go get them, ladies!!!!!
    Not forgetting Sharon!

  3. So looking forward to seeing you again, Laurie, and meeting Donna!

  4. It's shaping up to be a great conference, Kay. See you in a little over a week!


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